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Bank Holiday Mixed Bag

 A quick return to Lloyds Meadow Badger lake taking the chance to fish it as usualy its booked up for matches on the Sunday or I’m in work and as it happens we had a special on the Trigonella range for the bank holiday so with a little tweaking I took full advantage of it!

trig special

A warm day with a left to right wind and a clear sky  and not much ripple on the water greeted us as well as plenty of varied wild life loving the immaculate looking lake pruned to perfection giving each peg features close in and across to the island.

My idea today was a relaxed session involving plenty of chat with Stu and Danny and to get a few fish in the net.

Feeding the trigonella micros soon got the small carp in the swim and as previous visits I had noticed how quick these little terrors were putting on weight and giving a great fight on light elastic and taking double maggot!

smll carp net

slopping up the pellets and feeding heavy brought some realy good Bream and quality roach.

A couple of pegs down Stu was bagging up but using the waggler to get some good ide and carp fishing shalla on the waggler as well as getting led a merry dance on his pole line from some hard fighting carp.


As the day drew on I took a break from the pole and got the feeder rod out chucking it across to the island were I had been firing in 8mm trigonella pellets, using trigonella 8mm wafters with micros in the feeder this method was a hit catching me a good stamp of carp!

For the next couple of hours the wind picked up and we had a little rain but the bigger carp came on the feed and the trigonella wafters were doing the business for me.

few from today:

Another top day fishing at my favorite venue comfy pegs , plenty of choice of features on all the pegs , lots of parking and clean toilets all this adds up to relaxing quality fishing in a super safe environment

my advice for Badger is walk around see if the fish are moving if they are get on them pegs, at the moment the fish are not holding up in any particular place.

Pellets and maggots seem to be the go to bait at the moment and  knowing how much to feed.

As usual great hospitality from Danny and Sarah always good to catch up and hear the latest goings on at the fishery.

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unit next its been a pleasure


Thirst for Knowledge, at Blakemere

I talk to a lot of anglers and it fascinates me to hear so many variations and approaches to carp fishing.  I genuinely get a lot from just chatting ad hoc and I typically see the passion ooze out of people when we talk fishing.  I guess it’s what anglers all have in common, but with my thirst for knowledge ever greater, a few conversations have stood out recently and I have really stepped back and taken on-board some inspiring comments.


Danny Stone, a friend, a carp angler and fishery owner really validated for me that my fishing approach and my mind-set is absolutely how I need it to be, I face things sideways on , and never to change that.  Danny always says it how it is and I respect that.  A great chat around the KD Rig and he explained all aspects of it to me.  I always enjoy chats with Danny and I plan to do more of it.

Andy Grover, a team member encourages me to keep my match style head on when it comes to feeding, something I now consider since this chat  with him.  Simple words but Andy absolutely believes a match style approach can be as effective and piling in bait on the right venue.  A great thinking angler is Andy and generous to a fault …. Thanks for the leads Andy.  For the record when I saw Andy’s bait boat at Larford the theme tune to the love boat always came into my head!  #ruined

Gav Astley, owner of Beechwood Baits simply tells me I can.  And he genuinely tells me it will happen “your water shot is inevitable, but enjoy the journey, if I can help, shout me”.  Gav simplifies things for me.  Can’t beat that can you.  Gav is time poor, with work, family life and constantly making bait, but he is friends rich, and always has time for his fishing buddies.  Enough said!

Denis Ryan, a team member has a knack of using comparisons  in match fishing to make his point in carp fishing, so I understand.  Really simple but very effective and it hits home.  Denis will always demonstrate as well as coach me which is excellent.  And for the record, he doesn’t fish in Ireland 🙂  see my video here if I’ve lost you on this one!

Neil Thomas, is a ball of energy and simply inspires me.  It’s plain to see he gets a lot out of coaching and passing on knowledge and he has gone that extra mile to help me and Brian Coakley on our last outing to Blakemere.  It speaks volumes about him and no wonder he is the team captain…..Apparently he’s not  a bad angler either 🙂

So if you whack all of them guys together you have one seriously super carp angler !!!

How lucky am I !!!!


So after all of the above the question is :do I feel closer to the water shot?


Absolutely yes I do ………..and here is why .

Since my last blog on “The water shot” I have learned so much, and loved every minute of this next step in my journey.  I have learned and practiced at Blakemere :

  • Multi rigs/KD rigs /standard hair rigs/chod rigs/maggor rigs
  • Bait floss
  • Pva tape
  • Captive Back leading
  • Measuring sticks
  • Casting technique
  • Bite alarm set up
  • Rod pod set up
  • Leads and their uses
  • Bivvy essentials

I didn’t catch at Blakemere but my spirits could not be higher, I am a better angler for the experience and loved every second of being with the team on the bank putting things into practice.

So what sticks out …. What are my hurdles?

Rigs ……. Its 4 letters, a little word…………. but in carp fishing it is one of the most essential part of catching besides sighting fish.

I am a novice at rigs but I know this …….. in order for me to fool the craftiest of fish my bait has to act natural, and this is all down to rig and hook choice so I need to practice, change, be different, see how it sits in the water, invent my own, do things different, research, experiment, keep thinking and not sit there and wait.

Rig with a 16mm Mussleberry Red and PNBA Adjusta plug


I cannot wait for my next trip out, and hopefully will be on the bank in Feb with Denis and Andy who I know will gladly share all their vast knowledge with me………… I am gonna glean so much.

Now I have my head well and truly stuck into end tackle and the part it plays, I know how important this is and I need to get it right.

I know Neil will keep pushing me and telling me “cast again” hit the spot and keep at it until you hit the spot every time.

I know Gav will be there to help me with anything I need.

Two other people I have not mentioned but need no introductions are  Brian Coakley and Stewart Rusling who are my brothers in this team.

Brian is on the journey with me and a great support because we talk and help each other along the way (and he snores like a right one), and Stew has so much to offer with carp angling.

This blog chapter has really demonstrated how we roll at Beechwood Baits and it has occurred to me that every step forward I make has been at the hands of good friends and closer to that elusive “water Shot”.

Roll on my next trip out.



Game On……… A New Challenge!


For those anglers who have maybe been fishing for a while and found your own preferred style or your “go to” approach, can  you remember the last time you felt like you knew nothing?  Like everything was new and you were a little lost with a whole new experience of fishing?  Frustrated that you didn’t know things?  Totally dependent on others to pass on their experience or having to research to understand what you were doing and why?  The little things that are alien to you but second nature to others?  Feel reluctant to ask because you feel stupid?  It may have been a while since you felt this way if you have been fishing for a long time, but that feeling of not knowing, of doing something totally different to what you normally do on the bank …………. It`s familiar to me and humbling, it excites me……  and I am full of it!

Let me explain why I am feeling like this and what has led me to this amazing place in my fishing …… .

Here at Beechwood Baits we are a bunch of anglers that believe there are massive benefits to getting together socially and fishing as often as we can as a team.  Having experienced two socials at Rosemary Wood and Larford Lakes it occurred to me that although I have my “go to” methods which I absolutely champion, I also have an abundance of experience around me in the form of big carp anglers.  It would be criminal of me to not use such experience that this team of anglers have to offer,  and come on now …. who doesn’t want a whacker!  I have a huge passion to get that “water shot” with a big old Northern thirty (but to be honest I won’t complain with any big fish, or where it comes from for that matter!).

So I find myself driven to learn new ways of fishing that will get me closer to my  goal, that “water shot” ….. and my journey begins.

Chapter 1- planting the seed and watching it grow

It really all started while having a conversation with Brian Coakley and Stewart Rusling around wanting to throw a rod in through the night while on socials.  We felt that we were missing a trick by not having a line in the water while all the carp lads in the team were buzzing away all night with runs.  That was all the excuse I needed to plant the seed in my head.  So where does this “water shot” passion come from that burns inside me?  I could not tell you is the honest answer, other than to say every time I look at an angler in the water with a fish I say to myself I want one of those shots!  There is something magical about the connection with a fish when you are in his/her world and gently capturing the moment, actually worshiping the fish if truth be told. I want it to be me!



Taking a methodical approach the first steps of my journey were to simply seek out advice from the team, and get a feel for what type of equipment I would need to be able to fish for carp through the night while on socials, and really getting advice on the important aspects of this new style of fishing without breaking the bank…… wow!  You know what, I learned so much with just a few conversations with the lads in the team.  Cheekily I also asked them to keep an ear to the ground and give me a shout if they see any set up that fitted what I was looking for:  The sound advice I received was ………….

  • A good Bivvy is a must, keep warm, keep dry, get best quality you can afford.
  • Focus on the reel quality more than the rod quality.
  • 2.75 test curve seemed to be the solid advice for rod.
  • Start with 1 or 2 rods for now.
  • Don’t pay the earth for Delks just yet, get some good value for money alarms that do the job.
  • Don’t worry about end tackle just yet, we will get to that .


With all of the above in mind I have lost count of the numerous bivvy videos I have watched, testimonials I have read, Ebay searches I have done, links I have been sent, messages I have had from the lads  ……. It goes on and on.  However there was a breakthrough from none other than Gav Astley who spotted something on Facebook and sent it over and I am now the proud owner of :

2 x Sonik SKS 12ft 2 piece Carp rods (2.75 and 3Lb test curve)




2 x Diawa Regal 4500 Baitrunner reels


2 x fox Micron m+ Bite alarms and Nash H-Gun 2 rod pod


Fox Royale 60” Brolly system



Ok, so now I have the rods, reels, alarms, and a small footprint to keep me warm and dry.

But I know nothing about end tackle  argggggggggggg………………..

Suppose I better get back to school and learn all about basic end tackle so I can begin to turn my dream into a reality.

Join me next time for a lesson on rigs, weights, wraps, PNBA, hooks, spods, spoms, throwing sticks, stick mixes, PVA and whatever else I can glean from the lads.


Oh that elusive water shot is a little nearer now!