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Summer magic at Lloyds Meadows


A brief account of my time spent with a few friends at Lloyds Meadows throughout the summer months and the great  success  I have had trying out Monster Lobster paste feeding micro pellets and plenty of them.


It started off on a sweltering Sunday afternoon with fellow blogger Danny Bellfield and a short walk up to Heron, plenty of silvers in the morning then an afternoon of carp on the new Monster Lobster paste I’m testing.

My next trip out to Lloyds Meadows was with fellow match team angler Dave Williams from Warrington Angling Centre and we decided to fish Kingfisher a short session but some quality fish.

With the school holidays in full flow myself and Stu had a special treat for Lucas and Kieran…..a spot of night fishing was on the menu and WOW did we catch lots of fish spread over the two days added into the fun and none stop smiles from the kids we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Kingfisher today presented another chance for me to get back on the paste and try to get some of the big carp hiding away but for most of the day they were basking around up in the water and not feeding, lucky enough for us we was feasting on breakfast barms off Sarah and a brilliant birthday cake for me off Stu!

We still managed to get a few fish on a day were the conditions just didn’t suit fishing.

Myself and Lucas decided to fish Kingfisher again but this time we didn’t arrive until 3pm the sun was still up but the fishing into the cooler evening was great fun and none stop action, and with Danny and his daughter fishing next to us there was a bit of banter as well, the paste and pellets approach was devastating.

Not one to miss a opportunity we decided to fish Badger lake on the bank holiday Monday  which the previous day had produced good close match weights.

Trolley loaded up and we headed off to the far side of the lake which I had not fished before, such a great day fishing again on pellets and paste feeding micros and 4mm pellets, what stood out for me today was a superb match lake which made you work for your fish swapping swims around and tinkering with float patterns keeping you busy if you wanted the rewards.

I suppose those of you who are regular visitors to Lloyds Meadows can all understand its takes a few visits because these fish dont just jump on your hook but when you get it right there is not many places that can rival it for quality fishing………im realy looking forward to the winter fishing here and hopefully get some great bags of Ide, Chub, Roach and Bream aswell as the massive Perch that are in Heron lake.

as always its been a pleasure Brian

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Bank Holiday Mixed Bag

 A quick return to Lloyds Meadow Badger lake taking the chance to fish it as usualy its booked up for matches on the Sunday or I’m in work and as it happens we had a special on the Trigonella range for the bank holiday so with a little tweaking I took full advantage of it!

trig special

A warm day with a left to right wind and a clear sky  and not much ripple on the water greeted us as well as plenty of varied wild life loving the immaculate looking lake pruned to perfection giving each peg features close in and across to the island.

My idea today was a relaxed session involving plenty of chat with Stu and Danny and to get a few fish in the net.

Feeding the trigonella micros soon got the small carp in the swim and as previous visits I had noticed how quick these little terrors were putting on weight and giving a great fight on light elastic and taking double maggot!

smll carp net

slopping up the pellets and feeding heavy brought some realy good Bream and quality roach.

A couple of pegs down Stu was bagging up but using the waggler to get some good ide and carp fishing shalla on the waggler as well as getting led a merry dance on his pole line from some hard fighting carp.


As the day drew on I took a break from the pole and got the feeder rod out chucking it across to the island were I had been firing in 8mm trigonella pellets, using trigonella 8mm wafters with micros in the feeder this method was a hit catching me a good stamp of carp!

For the next couple of hours the wind picked up and we had a little rain but the bigger carp came on the feed and the trigonella wafters were doing the business for me.

few from today:

Another top day fishing at my favorite venue comfy pegs , plenty of choice of features on all the pegs , lots of parking and clean toilets all this adds up to relaxing quality fishing in a super safe environment

my advice for Badger is walk around see if the fish are moving if they are get on them pegs, at the moment the fish are not holding up in any particular place.

Pellets and maggots seem to be the go to bait at the moment and  knowing how much to feed.

As usual great hospitality from Danny and Sarah always good to catch up and hear the latest goings on at the fishery.

look at for more great offers from Beechwoodbaits.com

unit next its been a pleasure

Secure Your Rod! – By Barry Smith

Social media is littered with examples of rods being pulled in by fish! The majority of the time it’s down to human error, or maybe a little lack of experience.  None the less you have lost a rod and reel…… and the impact of this happening is not always discussed or considered ….. fish care!  Can you imagine the strain this would put on a fish, or even long-term damage?

My short video (link below) demonstrates that if  you follow three simple steps that I know 100% works, you can vastly eliminate this from happening to you.

Step 1

Secure the butt section of your rod with a suitable butt rest, don’t put it on your knee.  The Guru Reaper butt rest is a fantastic piece of kit that grips the butt section of your rod tight.


Step 2

Use a rod rest that lets your line run freely and will also keep your rod within the rest.  The Preston Rod rest in the video is ideal for bomb and pellet fishing and does exactly what you want it to do.


Step 3

Set your drag so line can be taken from your reel and this will simply put a bend in your rod, allowing the fish to take its first run safely.

The measure of success is simple …. If you are diving for your rod in a blind panic when you get a bite, then your rod set up could be improved.  You don’t need to dive dramatically or panic and lunge for your rod and strike like a mad man if your tackle is set for your quarry.  Simply allow the fish to take the bait,  some line may be taken by the fish and gently lift the rod up, no panic, no flustered actions ….. calm and in control!

Check out my video which shows my set up and footage of a fish taking line, clearly demonstrating how effective this can be for you.

Tight Lines all, and stay on the edge!




Greens Lane, 6th November – By Brian Coakley

Hard going at Greens Lane today, with near freezing temperatures and a swirling wind that never got settled.  Added to that the water levels down by over 2ft leaving us at best with just over 3ft of water to fish in.  This made fishing up against most features and margin swims pointless, but hey we can’t always have it how we want it!

Fishing with a small pellet feeder and double dead reds this brought a few fish from the open water, but this was a slow process as the ducks also fancied a bit of feeding spooking most fish, it meant we never really got much chance to get a bed of feed down.


Looking around Stu, Michael, Callum and Dave were all catching on various methods and baits, but nothing as consistent as we’d like.  A few fish banked then nothing for while, the most consistent method being shalla for the good roach and rudd.

Choosing not to fish up in the water, I went on 6mm punched bread sprayed with scopex feeding very little micros in with the pole pot.  This brought me a steady amount of carp, crucians, roach and Rudd, nothing over 3lb but good fun all the same.


I suppose being spoilt through the spring and summer made this a below parr day of fishing for me.  Previous visits have proved this to be a cracking venue and we will be back to fish it again in the winter, armed with experiences and things we’ve learnt from this trip.

Until next time it’s been a pleasure!

Gawsworth Fisheries, 30th October – By Brian Coakley

Gawsworth Fisheries is situated in between Macclesfield and Congleton, and it’s an all round fishery that comprises of five lakes; Wall Pool, Wood Pool, Park Pool, Coppice Pool and Spring Bank Pool.

As well as its own private canal, all the waters are extremely well stocked and will accommodate all anglers from the novice to the Specimen Carp Hunter alike.


We chose to fish Spring bank pool, which is an idyllic water of just over two acres in size and a depth of three-foot in the shallows and ten-foot in the deeper places, this water has now been open for over two years and has started to fish really well.  Spring Bank Pool has two islands as features and a good variety of fish, it has both Mirror Carp and Commons to over 20lb, as well as some good size Bream and Tench.

Spring Bank is a good all year round water that will produce excellent winter sport and some very big summer bags.


Opening at 7am and keen to get fishing, we loaded the gear on our trolleys and made our way to our pegs which was a good five-minute walk from the car park.  The pool was very natural looking and no man-made pegs, choosing a peg with no overhead obstructions and a cast to the islands careful not to disturb the squirrels in the trees with our feeders!

A 20g small pellet feeder and a 4″ hook length with a size 16qm1 hook which balanced my Trigonella 8mm wafter to perfection with a No6 shot 2″ from my hook, this brought a steady flow of decent Bream and a few small carp.



My margin swim was placed under a tree and to my right, and was 5ft deep and a shelf slopping away, this was fed with a spicy meaty groundbait with the intention of fishing meat, soft pellet or dead reds on the hook.  Decent roach, crucians, perch and skimmers were caught fishing over depth and trickling the feed in as the day went on.



A very calm afternoon held up the leaves which had fallen onto the lake, and this was bringing with it plenty of fish topping in and around the fallen leaves so a bit of slapping 8m out firing in 4 mm pellets for the splash fishing 6mm banded on a soft no 10’s elastic this made for good fishing with some quality roach and rudd getting taken on the splash ( some great new floats were used from Mark Davies MD Floats )


Stu, Ian, Michael and Callum were all enjoying the day’s fishing catching plenty of fish on various methods and baits, Stu in particular having a great day on the silvers on two lines one 13m out and 8ft deep the other on a light waggler taking them on the splash, the fish of the day went to Callum on the feeder.

Netting a 11lb carp on a small piece of corn up against the island.


Some good bank side banter on a new water brought some good fish and plenty of thought how to tackle it again when we come back.  I think as mentioned in a previous blog winter is upon us so trying out a new water and for us to catch like we did is great fun, bring on the next weeks venue and hopefully plenty more fish and fun!

Until next time it been a pleasure!


Flushing Meadows, 23 October – By Brian Coakley

A bit better than expected today at Flushing Meadows, Acton Bridge, a dark October morning greeted us with freezing rain and windy conditions, which made for a hard first few hours, although once the sun came out so did the fish …..


On the feeder I was catching on worm, tuti-fruity bandums, and Trigonella wafters with my main feed being micros soaked over night in Trigonella Glug.

The bites on the feeder were fast and vicious, even though the carp were small. The majority of the carp were caught on the splash once the pellets had dispersed out of the feeder.


The fish came regular alternating back onto the pole fishing maggot and corn skins catching plenty of roach, skimmers and perch, either slapping 6m out or in 4ft of water on the deck.

My first try of soaking expander pellets in Trigonella Glug worked a treat especially for the skimmers!


Callum, Michael and Ian were all catching at steady pace, Callum in particular doing well slapping 8m down the side under a tree.


Even with the short day there was still plenty of time for the usual banter and bankside chat.  Tricky day for us today which now makes me believe winter fishing is now upon us, over the next few weeks venues and tactics will be crucial for a good days fishing.  Until then, it’s been a pleasure!

Beacon View, 2nd October – By Barry Smith

Beacon View with the Beechwood Crew! My first time at Beacon View Fisheries which sits neatly in-between Parbold and Standish and 5 minutes off the M6 Junction 27 near Wigan. A single lake set back from a rural country lane, this fishery looked stunning as I made my way with my mobile tackle shop to the lakeside, following behind Brian Coakley and Stewart Rustling from the team and a friend of the team Dave Cawley. With the mist rising and the odd fish breaking the surface, I looked in awe at this lake and almost felt like it would be spoiling the glass effect the surface had if I cast a line……. But would that stop me? Absolutely not, the moment past and I wanted to get fishing. We could feel the chill and I remember thinking to myself ok winter is on its way. +6 and the coldest morning after the summer so far, but I was still full of anticipation.


With Pegs picked I had opted to leave my pole at home and a simple approach would be my attack. Pellet waggler, Method feeder and Bomb and pellet. My swim was spacious and had a huge tree to my left which hung perfectly over the margin and immediately I fancied a fish or two from that edge in the session. Now my baits for the session could not get any more simple, various size pellets glugged in the amazing Trigonella, and after using this glugging process a few times now with pellets I can only reiterate what a great addition this bait really is to the Beechwood portfolio and I urge you to give this bait a try. The pellets really take on the glug very well and trust me when I tell you this stuff has a powerful aroma, in fact it stinks. Hook choice 16 banded and on waggler and bomb with 15” tails. Method feeder 4” tail.


Having had a few fish mugged off the top early on the going got tough as the sun climbed higher in the sky and the wind gods were all having a day off. And so I switched from float to feeder through the session to keep in touch with the fish. Keeping it simple I caught steady all day and I did eventually drop in under the tree having trickled 6mm Trigonella pellets under the branches all day to have a stunning lump of a carp rip my rod round, and a few bream for good measure. The fishing Gods smiled on me at Beacon View with the majority of my fish being Lumps and a bonus Dog Roach at the death which absolutely made the session really special for me.


Brian Coakleys second visit to Beacon view didn’t disappoint in a way and Brian caught plenty of fish even though not too many over the 5lb barrier. Having chatted with Brian afterwards he says he may have made a slight error of judgement and left his pole at home and opted for the rods only approach. Hindsight is a great thing and I know for sure we don’t always get decisions right all the time , I guess that’s the beauty of fishing. But steady fishing from Brian . Overnight Trigonella glugged 4mm pellets were used as main feed in the hybrid feeder and various hook baits such as chopped worms, corn and trigonella 10mm boilies swapping over hook lengths to suit baits . No reel clip on but using a marker opposite Brian concentrated on an area just to the left which was about 10ft deep. “Not knowing quite what to expect I was pleasantly surprised with the results, a steady morning of carp, bream, crucian carp, tench, roach and the odd perch all taken on the same method but alternating hook baits” Loved it ………. Brian Coakley.


It was a slow morning for Stew Rusling who started the day on the tip with 4mm pellets soaked in Trigonella kindly donated by Brian Coakley. Hookbait was 10mm Trigonella waffter.Stew had a few bream, one lump of a carp then switched to three dead red maggots picking up a few nice Crucian carp and in the afternoon swapped between pellet wag tip and bomb. Stew kept a steady trickle of feed going in the margins which later produced f1s, fantail carp and carp . “I really enjoyed the day, caught some beautiful fish and was thoroughly impressed with Brian , who was pegged next to me predator fishing …. Take a look at the predation in miniature”…… Stewart Rusling.


The Beechwood team were joined on this session by a few friends who follow the team and often come out fishing with us. Callum Cavanagh, Michael Gittins, Ian Adams and Dave Cawley all caught fish and shared the banter which is always great fun. Worth a mention that Dave Cawley did extremely well on pellet waggler, catching some good carp and leaving the venue very happy. Well done Dave.



Beacon View is a quality fishery with stunning views and even more stunning fish and I will be putting this venue in my diary for next summer for sure. It has great silver sport on offer and will fish well during the colder winter months if this is your quarry. Trigonella has been responsible for many big weights of fish from the Beechwood team, from 10lb lumps high up in the water to upper doubles on tough carp venues . The versatility of this bait is beginning to shine through and today was no exception. The mighty Trigonella does it again at beacon View for the Beechwood Crew….. until next time …Its been a pleasure.

Check out some video footage of the day here :


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Mescar Fisheries, 25th September – By Brian Coakley

Mescar revisited!  This is a water which I have, and will visit frequent throughout the season and seasons to come. It offers so much with the layout of the lake and the types of fishing to be done, so it was back to the trusty rods with the promise of winds up to 20 mph and a scattering of rain and bright sunshine.


For me it was straight in on the feeder but with a change, to try to target the carp I replaced the micro pellets with 4 mm soaked over night Trigonella Pellets with 4″ hook lengths with corn and 8 and 11mm again soaked Trigonella Pellets on the band.  Boom boom boom from the off, the carp loving the offerings to be had.  Fancying a change as the wind picked up I threw out a 4g waggler, in and around my feeder casts as there was plenty of fish surfacing.  Alternating depths from 15″ right down to 4″ following the usual protocol pinging in regular feed, this didn’t seem to be working………even with the master waggler Barry having a go for an hour or so fish were hard to come by.  Time for another change 10mm glugged hard Trigonella boilies on a 15″ hook length using the Guru impact bomb with a few smaller pellets as feed, instant results.



Michael and Callum were on the next pegs to me also getting some success, but on popped up boilies, not one to miss out I got a few pink 10mm Trigonella Popups off them, and this method then brought me carp steadily throughout the afternoon using the impact bomb and the 15″ hook length.


As per usual corn and 4 mm pellets had been going in down the side were I fished a lighter waggler for the last couple of hours, to great success on the 8mm pellets.  A really good practise session for me today as I did not have the Chef and Welsh Wizard to throw ideas round when it got a bit tough, so working things out and trying a different method really paid off also no silver fish today so target fish was maintained …definitely will be adding some various pop up baits to my armoury!  Note to self for next time when using Trigonella baits, keep hold of rod so do you you don’t get it ripped out of your hands whilst firing bait in and then have to fish it back out of the lake with the fish still on lol

Until next time it’s been a pleasure!


Mescar Fisheries, 19th September – Guest blog by Stewart Rusling

Decided to fish Mescar Fishery today.  Arrived at 7:44am, to a misty lake, and decided to  start on a 6gr pellet wagg to a 2 foot drop to a qm1 size 14 hook with an 11mm banded pellet pre-soaked in the ever faithful Trigonella Glug.  I started to catapult three or four pellets at a time, and pretty quickly had four carp, one after the other.


Bites slowed, so I changed tactics to the bomb method, casting to the same spot I had been catapulting the pellets out over.  A small 18 gram bomb and a 15inch hook link, with the same strong hook was the set-up, but this time the bait was the new Trigonella Waffters we are still testing, to devastating effect.

Around 1:00pm I was joined by Nathan Vero, just in time to take a pic after having a chat about bait.  I gave him some 10mm Trigonella boilies, and a handful of wafters, which he used to good effect.  I think we have another convert to Beechwood Baits!  We where later joined by Ian Adams for the afternoon session, wehre bites slowed a little, which might of had something to do with the amount of bread people where throwing in…


Nathan and Ian started to catch carp straight away, where to the amusement of them two the bream seemed to have moved into my swim!  Myself and Nathan packed up for 5:00pm, and we left Ian to it.  After speaking to Ian later on he finished with one carp to 9.5lb and a further six between 5lb to 8lb.

Till next time, Its been a pleasure, Stewart.

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Lloyds Meadow, 11th September – By Guest Blogger Stewart Rusling

Myself and Brian Coakley where of to Lloyds Meadow to fish Heron Lake, which is the top lake at the fishery.  It must be one of the best kept fisheries in the North West, it’s simply stunning! Later on we were joined by Ian Adams to enjoy the sport with us.

Bait for the day, Trigonella Pellet, 10mm Trig Hook baits,and the new Trig Wafters!

Our mission for the day was to try out the new Beechwood Baits 8x10mm banded Trigonella Wafter’s, which Gav is looking at adding to the match range.  We both fished a free running Guru feeder to a 4inch hooklength with a banded size 14 hook. 

Most of my fish were taken on these new banded wafter’s, fished tight to the island.  We both fished margin lines too, used mostly corn or 6mm pellets pre-soaked in Tigonella Glug.  Danny had kindly allowed us to put nets in for the session, which me and Brian did after lunch time had a good morning.  We caught steady till about 1 o’clock, after which we had to work harder for the fish through the afternoon, swapping baits and tactics.  Fish came back on the feed later on in the afternoon, and our margin swims really came alive!  I had a small bramble bush by my peg, so I threw a few blackberry’s with micros in under it.  I put one on a hook, waited, and of it went!  Is this a new flavour for Gav??!!

Must say a big thanks to Danny and Sarah for looking after us as always, and I think the fishing results speak for themselves!


Till next time, Its Been a Pleasure! Stewart Rusling