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Dad and lad fishing

6 weeks off school always seemed a great time as a kid to put away the football and go fishing.  My youngest Lucas who is 8, is gradually being eased into fishing with a ‘no pressure’ approach, with the help of a lot of good Beechwood team mates, friends from the #SundayCrew and fisheries owners, he is spending more time on the bank and learning lots of new fishing skills.

The usual early start normally results in a few hours sleep at the side of the lake, he tells me its to stock up his energy to catch more fish!

lucas asleep

When he finally does wake up the usual shout  is “come on Dad you have had your head start now it’s my turn”.

I try to mix it up with Lucas using the rod and pole.

Fish handling is important, but with a decent mat some soft ground and keeping  the fish low to the ground, Lucas seems to be getting the hang of things.

A few small carp and a barbel, not a bad start to the day.

Where possible I try to let Lucas do as much as he can with some coaching from me in the back ground, my advice to anyone introducing their kids to fishing, is as long as it’s not too much of a struggle let them find their own way, which they are comfortable with.

Sometimes you do catch those carp that just won’t keep still, and have to step in to help!

Catapults and mixing bait seem to be some of Lucas’s favourite things when fishing.

Nothing better than a bit of team work with his friends; listening to Lucas while this (below) was happening was priceless, he sounded like a fisherman of 40 years experience telling Kieran what to do)

Each venue offering different challenges which included fish size, depth of water, pegging and weather.

Where possible I just stand back and let things happen, only stepping in when needed.

Such a shame that summer seems a long time away, but looking back at these memories makes me proud that Lucas has enjoyed his summer time on the bank with myself and the lads, who I can’t thank enough for their time and patience which has made it so much easier for me and Lucas to enjoy ourselves!


until next time its been a pleasure





Rosemary Wood ….Carp in the dark

Well here we go , a new challenge for me

night peg1

Tonight was my chance to do something I have not done in my 35 years of fishing and that was get my self a carp in the dark and this was all down to Barry who shown me through the rigs and which was the best way to approach the swim

After watching Barry land a few in the day time ( he made it look so easy ) but to me the transition to bigger and heavier set ups wasn’t as easy as it looked

Fishing 14 wraps out over a pellet/boilie spod mix casting into the dark aiming at the tree markers in the sky line using a musselberry red 14mm hard hooker and the trap was set

We waited,the wind was picking up and the line bites were getting us excited each time I was thinking this could be the one

Then it happened the alarm went off and to be honest I just sat there forgetting this was mine , it wasn’t instinctive for me to go and strike,but the shouts from Barry soon made me go and give it ago,after a bit of a battle mainly down to me and not the size of the carp I netted it,taking it over to the cradle I couldn’t hide my delight bagging my first carp in the dark

Not the biggest of carp but to me it was a beauty and one I will remember

thanks for reading and until next time its been a pleasure


Bank Holiday Mixed Bag

 A quick return to Lloyds Meadow Badger lake taking the chance to fish it as usualy its booked up for matches on the Sunday or I’m in work and as it happens we had a special on the Trigonella range for the bank holiday so with a little tweaking I took full advantage of it!

trig special

A warm day with a left to right wind and a clear sky  and not much ripple on the water greeted us as well as plenty of varied wild life loving the immaculate looking lake pruned to perfection giving each peg features close in and across to the island.

My idea today was a relaxed session involving plenty of chat with Stu and Danny and to get a few fish in the net.

Feeding the trigonella micros soon got the small carp in the swim and as previous visits I had noticed how quick these little terrors were putting on weight and giving a great fight on light elastic and taking double maggot!

smll carp net

slopping up the pellets and feeding heavy brought some realy good Bream and quality roach.

A couple of pegs down Stu was bagging up but using the waggler to get some good ide and carp fishing shalla on the waggler as well as getting led a merry dance on his pole line from some hard fighting carp.


As the day drew on I took a break from the pole and got the feeder rod out chucking it across to the island were I had been firing in 8mm trigonella pellets, using trigonella 8mm wafters with micros in the feeder this method was a hit catching me a good stamp of carp!

For the next couple of hours the wind picked up and we had a little rain but the bigger carp came on the feed and the trigonella wafters were doing the business for me.

few from today:

Another top day fishing at my favorite venue comfy pegs , plenty of choice of features on all the pegs , lots of parking and clean toilets all this adds up to relaxing quality fishing in a super safe environment

my advice for Badger is walk around see if the fish are moving if they are get on them pegs, at the moment the fish are not holding up in any particular place.

Pellets and maggots seem to be the go to bait at the moment and  knowing how much to feed.

As usual great hospitality from Danny and Sarah always good to catch up and hear the latest goings on at the fishery.

look at for more great offers from Beechwoodbaits.com

unit next its been a pleasure

Larford Lakes Match Lake

Rain greeted us on our return to Larford lakes for our Beechwood Baits social and after a walk round the match lake my mind was made up it was peg 43 for me giving me 2 margin swims, Lilly pads and an Island to cast to.

Three swims for my pole line included some tricky looking Lilly pads to my left and two margin swims at 5m and  8m to my right up against the bank, my feeder line composed of 34g guru method feeder and a selection of hooks with bands and spikes at various lengths.

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8mm pellets and wafters soaked in trigonella glug and corn were my main hook baits constantly firing a few pellets in every cast of the feeder.

Once I found my range with the feeder it was best to come off the island by about 3ft to avoid branches and leaves the fish started to come steady.  Bream and carp liking what was on offer.

Plenty of fish movement around the lake which for a while I had to myself until the rest of the lads on the match side of the Beechwood Baits social joined me, as the fish seemed to be spawning on the specimen lake and they were soon into the fish.

Plenty of bites still on the feeder but choosing to leave it for a while as it seemed the smaller fish had moved in on the groundbait, this decision now became a pattern for my fishing giving it 30 minutes a time swapping from pole to feeder during the course of the day.

Lots more fish came as the day went on constantly feeding now introducing dead red maggots to my feed and liquidised corn this holding and attracting fish to my chosen swims.

Sitting off and having a chat with the lads it seemed like we was all having a decent days fishing even though we were disappointed not being able to fish the specimen lake, but nature was doing its thing and there will always be another day.


Time was moving on and the fish had moved into the margins so casting the feeder  into my 8m swim and using the pole at about 6m got me some fish but loosing quite a lot with the fish snatching at the bait and shooting into the open water at a rate of knots.

A great days fishing on a day that started at 3-30am to travel down to Larford lakes seen me catch a lot of Carp and just as many if not more Skimmers and Bream, the fish were definitely in my swim(s) but I think the skill was keeping them there and then getting them in the net on balanced set ups and well presented bait.

A sneaky hour on the specimen lake Saturday morning brought me this 12lb mirror carp on double red maggots this took me over 25 minutes to get in the net as I was only using Daiwa white hydro elastic.

Thanks for reading its been a pleasure Brian

Clipped up for Success

Continuing my quest to visit at least 10 new venues in 2017. Today I turned up at Rosemary Wood fisheries to fish Island pool

Today was a day when reading most social media sites most of the talk by anglers was about the weather and how bad it was

Having loaded my car up with all my gear the weather dictated to me that it was going to be a rod day so feeder and waggler

With a strong left to right wind and a decent cast to the islands I decided this was a day to clip up using a 35g feeder casting in front of me and letting the wind draw the feeder into its resting position more like a golf shot

Bait for today ended up being straight forward 6mm trigonella and excelsor pellets from Beechwood Baits and a tuna and krill groundbait with added hemp

After a few casts and finding my range the fish started to show

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The Bream were certainly winning the fight to get to the bait 1st

If I got tighter to the Island then carp won the battle to the feed but this was hard even though clipped up the wind was still causing problems

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The weather was by now terrible and my only option was to stay on the feeder,which to be honest was a no brainer because the bites and the fish were none stop, they were loving the feed being presented to them

A visit from Beechwood Baits promotion manager Barry Smith as well as recording my short video biograpghy for the Beechwood baits web site he  timed it just right to help me out with my keepnet , as it happens it did take two of us to get it out of the water

He couldn’t resist having ago

My second half of the day seen more carp caught

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on the day I also caught 9 Ghost carp

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the weather was bad but the fishing was great,accurate fishing resulted in building up a few nice nets of fish I think this was down to the amount of feed going in one particular area, although clipped up I did move it left and right not leaving it not letting it settle for more than about 1 minute,I cant wait to go back here and get the pole out and give it a proper go on the waggler I’m sure it will be another great days fishing

thanks for reading , if you get chance pop over to the Beechwood Baits web site and have a look round see what the bait is all about, meet the team behind developing the bait, there is all kinds of links to our blogs and you tube channels,good luck and tight lines and until next time its been a pleasure


Sunshine on a Rainy Day

A change of plan seen the Sunday crew turn out at Mescar fisheries

Each one of us talking up how we was going to fish it and what baits we was going to use

I chose to start off with with a hemp based feed with micro’s and dead red maggots for my feeder mix with added hemp oil,for hook bait I had 10mm triggonella pink pop ups and original hard hookers,6mm trigonella pellets ,musselberry reds bandums and a new bait I’m trying out which for today was a 8mm monster lobster pellet all in all a nice menu from Beechwood Baits and  Cheshire particle

Bright sunshine and no wind didn’t realy help with my planned approach for today but I suppose I cant complain with all the bad weather we have had the last few sundays

para lake

Casting approx. 30m into open water with the feeder using various hook lengths from 2″ -6″, it took a while for the feed to settle in but the fish came steady until round about 12 o’clock mainly decent bream ( all my bream today were caught on trigonella 10mm hard hookers )

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The particle/pellet mix seemed to be holding the bream in my swim

Whilst waiting for my tip to go round it was a good chance to be pinging some pellets in priming my pellet waggler swim,although no fish turning on the pellets I decided to give it ago when the wind picked up and the sun went back behind the rain clouds lurking,using a small 3g crystal waggler approach as previous weeks brought me a nice chunky carp caught on 6mm trigonella pellets on a band but not much came along after that

The next couple of hours bites came hard to come by for all of us, this could of been down to the quite abrupt change in the weather,the sunshine had gone for good and was replaced with dark clouds and wind then soon the dreaded rain

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A couple of pegs away Stewart Rusling Youth Team Co-ordinator at Beechwood Baits was kick starting the afternoon off in style and along side him Dave was getting some nice carp aswell

By now everyone seemed to be getting into the carp Michael and Callum having a few aswell

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Switching tactics I now opted to start fishing under a large overhanging tree were I had been feeding on and off all day,sticking with the 6mm trigonella pellets as hook bait I started to get into the carp

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It seems like we have maybe turned a corner with the weather we will get bad days but hopefully with the days being longer and warmer it should mean more fish with the right tactics and bait,stay patient and don’t be scared to try something a little different if bites dry up remember you “Get more out of what you put in “, thanks for reading and tight lines until next time its been a pleasure

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The team take on Sephton Farm Fisheries 

Sephton Farm Fisheries is a well established commercial fishery, situated in beautiful countryside surroundings near Ormskirk and is popular with anglers from the Southport area and the North West of England. Occupying an almost un-disturbed rural farm location on the outskirts of Holmeswood, the fishery is set over 4 acres and houses two lakes, Two Islands Lake and Willow Lake. Both are open all year round for Carp fishing, Coarse & Pleasure fishing and are also available for match bookings.
Berry House Road
L40 1UG
Tel: 01704 893178

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Today as for the previous week for Barry this was about trying some different methods, pegs and baits on a fisheries which was new to us so myself and Stewart chose an island each as a feature which left us a gap of four pegs between us and an aerator right in the middle of the islands, these pegs were  vastly different in depths as we found out when plumbing up and casting the feeder in, leaving the waggler rods as Barry covered this last week


So let’s go back a week first…….Barry’s plan of attack was to target the open water towards the aerator fishing a loaded crystal waggler , fishing at various depths but a steady feeding of maggots and plenty of re-casting this seen him catch plenty of roach,skimmers and a few bonus carp in the upper layers of the water,this kind of fishing is all action none stop to get it right because of your feeding pattern and choosing the right amount of bait to feed so to try it on a winter’s day on new venue was a brave move that paid off


Ok back to today were we was led to believe the weather had warmed up , well it hadn’t the swirling wind that seems to be following me from venue to venue and rain for most of the day made fishing hard for most of the 10 lads who were out fishing today
My plan was a small Preston dura feeder casting towards the aerator also these let me me to change hook lengths when needed and my pole lines were concentrated towards the island,not to close thought because of over hanging branches, bait well I’m starting to phase out the maggots and get back to pellets and corn which is starting to reflect on my tray, today I had 4mm and later on 8mm pellets soaked in trigonlla glug,along with a mixture of corn,maggots,pinkies and casters for the hook,my feed was micros mixed with Old Ghost green ground-bait


The getting of fish in my net  for me wasn’t frantic but lots of bites and the same stamp of fish being caught whether it was on the pole or the feeder changing hook baits when the bites did cool off still hoping though that the next bite could be one of those bigger fish that were showing around the lake,for me its wasnt to be Bream,skimmer’s,perch,roach.hybrids,and some small mirror and common carp were the fish for me today

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Four pegs down  Stu was having to cast quite a bit further out to the side of his island and to deeper water using the same feed as me but on the hook he was using artificial maggots and excelsior pellets as hook bait,this proved a lethal combination on the day catching carp and bream steady all day finishing off with a great net of fish….well done Stu
elsewhere round the lake Ian had bagged himself a 9lb carp and a 2lb perch with some skimmers,but the other lads seemed to be struggling with the odd fish here and there


Already planning my next visit to this venue knowing the pegs as I do know will change my approach  but not my bait

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This is a venue that is under some renovation work improving the pegs and introducing more water , no doubt this will be a stunning water in the summer and a really good venue to fall back on in the winter,this is my second new venue of the season with more to follow until our next trip out its been a pleasure………if you are after any information would like to come out fishing with please message me through the contact form thanks


A return to form for me at Gawsworth

Gawsworth Fisheries are situated in between Macclesfield and Congleton and is one of Cheshire’s premier day ticket fisheries, Gawsworth Fisheries is an all round fishery that comprises of five lakes Wall Pool, Wood Pool, Park Pool Coppice Pool and Spring Bank Pool as well as its own private canal, all the waters are extremely well stocked and will accommodate all anglers from the novice to the Specimen Carp Hunter alike.


We chose to fish Wall pool today with possible depths up to 6ft ideal for a fun day again on light tackle targeting the silvers and maybe the odd carp Wall Pool is a two acre lake stocked for leisure fishing, this pool is over 400 years old and was originally a carp pool for Gawsworth Hall, now it is stocked with a good head of Carp including Common Carp, Mirror and Ghost Carp ranging in size up to 15lb, also stocked heavily with Crucian Carp, Tench, Chub, Barbel, Roach Rudd Perch, and Bream. This is a excellent all round water and brilliant fun to fish
A clear sky with very little wind greated us at Wall pool on a pleasant  mild morning  excited at the sight of fish topping around the lake the five of us chose our pegs evenly spreading ourselves round the lake.


My thinking today was two swims, one at 8.5m which was 6ft deep and one at 4m into the reeds on the left hand side which was 4ft deep then a thrid set up which would allow me to adjust my depths to fish shalla and up in the water
Light set ups today again comprising of some maggot float patterns tied to 0.15 Preston reflo for main line and 0.129 hook lengths with size 20 and 18 hooks by Gamakatsu and  the new Aqua elastic  from Drennan which I find is so responsive for silvers and small carp,


Bait……mmmm here was my dilema what to feed Special G  or micros I chose the groundbait a dry mix with little water,sieved out so it was nice and fluffy , four balls of this straight in on my 8m line followed up with 2 big cups of dead red maggots soaked in hemp oil overnight from Beechwoodbaits.com ,then every half hour a golf ball size of groundbait, my margin swim I only fed dead reds all morning  trickling in about  3/4 of a pint until I started fishing over them.Hookbait was a choice of caster,white maggots, dead red maggots and fluro pinkies


So the fishing began on my 8m line on a flat calm lake and the bites were instant taking the combination of a white maggot and a fluro pinkie,only once the float had settled and the hook bait was on the deck skimmers from 2oz upto 1lb seemed the order of the day, every put in feeding a small pot of dead red maggots and casters and it was a bite or a fish every put in,then every so often going in on a shalla line over the top of this feed also worked making for great sport

After staying on this line most of the morning I decided to move onto the margin swim and swap over to Diawa white Hydro elastic I had been feeding and this didnt let me down,some elastic stretching hard fighting chub well 11 in total with a combined weight round about 20lb added to the skimmers/bream which were caught steady all day and a few roach,perch and gudgeon all added up to a great days fishing

The fish seemed to have there fussy heads on today, a combintion of white maggot and fluro pinkie brought the bites instant and fast,single or double maggot red or white,casters and even soft pellets brought fish but the bites were slower , why ? I dont have a clue I tried several times just to proove a point to myself and it was every time I tried it out in my 2 swims…….strange

The five of us all caught very well today with a few carp gettng netted as well, plenty of feed went in because the fish wanted it especialy when the Chub were in your swim,another water that will change come the warmer months when the focus will be all about pellets,carp.wagglers and feeders,but until then we can only hope for more great days like this with the colder weather still here for a while but until then its been a pleasure

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Manley Old Hall, 11th Jan 2017 – By Brian Coakley

Today was a new challenge for myself and some of the lads at Manley Old Hall but a return visit for Dave all be it on a different pool.

Cherry Pool is the middle water and also the largest and deepest with depths up to 8′.  This is a mixed species water which makes it good fishing all year round.  This is an ideal match water and bookings can be made through Billy Bristow on 07986339955.


Easily found off the M56 junction 14, take A5117 sign posted Helsby.  Through the traffic lights and then first right Primrose Lane.  Up hill to T junction turn right Helsby Road.  To next T junction turn right Manley Road.  1.5 miles right turn at Manley village school (School Lane).  300 yards right Sugar lane.  200 yards fishery on right.


Bait tactics today for me on a calm roasting hot day, well it felt like it after previous sub-zero trips out, was 4mm expander pellets soaked in polony oil and dead red maggots soaked in the very impressive hemp oil from Beechwood Baits, both of these prepared the day before to allow a good soaking for hook baits and micros lightly dusted with Dynamite baits silver X roach for my feed which was regular fed with a pole cup or a small Frenzee pole pot into three swims at 8m, 6m and a margin swim.


Spread round the lake everyone started catching a steady flow of silver fish on the maggot with the odd decent perch putting in a appearance along with some decent skimmers and Bream, then what we was all waiting for the first decent carp of 2017 and it fell to Stu as did a good few more all on the faithful dead red maggot, yes you guessed soaked in hemp oil, back over on my peg I opted to start on soft pellet for an hour and caught or got a bite every put in, the second hour seen me try a bit of shalla slapping and a couple of different swims in open water resulting in a slow down of fish so it was back to my 8m line just off some reeds about 4m out, this swim brought me some really good roach (and some tiny ones), skimmers and my first carp of the year after loosing a few which i put down to the fine hook I was using, the highlight for me was some of the Chub I was catching and looking inside their mouths you could see they were realy on the feed.


All six of us caught a lot of fish on a warmer winters day on a new venue for us, we certainly will be coming back here for regular visits because it has so much to offer and I certainly want to get into catching them carp and the bigger chub, this is only a brief account of the day, and if you would like some more information please leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap.

Until next time its been a pleasure!




When A Plan Goes Wrong…… By Barry Smith

It’s great when you set out in the morning with a plan to execute, and it all goes swimmingly well.  Nothing better!

I don’t know about you, but for me this is not the norm, but absolutely it’s nice when days like this happen.  A feeling of satisfaction and most importantly great validation that you’re a good angler, you know what you’re doing, it worked!!  I was right!!  Tactics spot on etc. …… and all those other testosterone quotes we tell ourselves when it goes well.


But what about when it goes wrong?  And adding to that you have left at home an essential piece of kit that could have got you out of a bad days fishing ..ARGGGGGGGG!

This blog is all about exactly that scenario ….. and it happened to me on 7th January 2017. So put the kettle on,  sit back, relax, and enjoy my failure 🙂

Plan A was discussed with my team-mate, Stewart Rusling, some other anglers online and John from my local tackle shop who always helps me simplify things.  A simple plan in the end from a complicated start … I like to call this plan “consistent and accurate”.

  1. Set up a 24g ground-bait method feeder with dead red maggots on the hook.
  2. Take my 2.75 Sonik carp rod, and reel loaded with 12lb line with the biggest cage feeder I had.
  3. Set distance sticks at 11ft ….. and fish 8 wraps out (27 metres for young uns)
  4. Use a mix of dark fishmeal and heavy binding ground-bait, with a pint of dead reds and a healthy squirt of Brazem.

The plan was to be consistent and accurate, casting 10 feeders out at the start of the session with my carp rod clipped at 8 wraps, leaving the swim for half an hour and then simply over the top with a method feeder for bream and skimmers, again clipped at 8 wraps.

First cast and it hardly settled and my tip wrapped, and I landed a healthy skimmer …………. I am, a good angler, I know what I am doing, tactics spot on …. I could feel the testosterone running through my veins ……… then not a single touch for over 2 hours. The odd indication, but no skimmers and no bream.  I kept the casts accurate, kept the feed trickling in, changed feeders to a smaller feeder, hybrid feeder, bomb, Olivette, changed hooks, changed baits, hook lengths, did all the usual stuff, but it just wasn’t happening.  I have no clue what I am doing, I am failing, why can’t I buy a bite???  The testosterone had all but disappeared………. I got off my box and went to the car for a coffee and a butty and a think.

Stood at the boot of my car I knew I had to make changes or face a bad days fishing.  Having had a lot of roach out of this water on short pole tactics it was my only real option until I realised I had left my pole in the house …….. DOH!

Then my lightbulb moment that changed my whole session ………….. well if I aint got my pole then why not go old school and fish how we all used to fish before poles came on the scene and tried to take away the finest way of catching fish in the world … with a float and rod!!!!!!

Plan B

  1. Set up an 11ft waggler rod with a small loaded crystal insert waggler, no bigger than 1g, with absolutely no shot on the line, just let the hook sink the maggot.
  2. Soak my dead reds in Beechwood Baits Hemp oil (3 caps to a pint ;)) because I know this works from previous sessions.
  3. Fish the waggler set to hand, so effectively a rod length out, with an ever so delicate clutch setting to give the rod tip a hand.
  4. Throw 8-10 maggots in and underarm cast the float out so the maggot sinks with the loose offerings.

Float set at dead depth off I went, first put in and a bite instantly, small roach.  Searching all around me I kept the bait going in but not in 1 place.  I literally fished at 12 O’clock  and worked the float back to 9 O’clock with each put in, then started again at 12, so I never put the float in the same place constantly.

Scary thought is how may roach could I have had if this was my plan from the outset because the fish came thick and fast so much so that I adopted a tactic to speed up the process:

Once I struck into the fish, because I was using a rod as opposed to a pole, I had the advantage of leverage, so I lifted the fish out of the water with one movement which startled them.  So to recap, what I did was strike, and continue lifting the rod in 1 movement which swung the fish out of the water and right to my hand.  It was great fun, you should try this!

The question this posed for me was “is a rod faster than a pole for short line roach fishing” ……. What do you think?

Maybe we should put this to the test with the Beechwood match team and see if the rod beats the pole.  Watch this space!!

If catching a huge amount of roach is failing, then I love fishing!

I learned so much on this session which started bad but I am sure Plan A will have its day soon.

I went back  to school and it felt great, it was rewarding, and I kept fishing on the edge!  

Fishing adventures, hints, tips and of course loads of fish from Team Beechwood and friends

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