Monarch Lakes social event April 2017- Lincolnshire


Beechwood Baits were invited to fish Monarch Lakes in Lincolnshire by fishery owners Gary and Mark on 7th to the 9th of April who kindly reserving the fishery specifically for the team.This much appreciated gesture speaks volumes about the owners who have put years of hard work and finance into this new fishery which opened in January 2016.

Boasting two lakes “Hope” 24 pegs and “Glory” maximum 6 anglers with Glory holding the bigger specimen fish.No nets are allowed on site and everything you need to land and document/picture their fish is provided by the fishery which is and a direct action to preserve the safety of their fish and a pleasure to see such an investment from the lads.Add to that a substantial menu of food delivered to your peg(snapshot below) from morning through till evening this fishery is very focused on great customer service and making your visit a memorable one.


Ok so to the fishing, 6 anglers made the trip from the Northwest Gav Astley,Liam Watts,Denis Ryan,Andy Grover, Neil Thomas and myself Barry Smith.I arrived at 7am with Denis Ryan to be met by Gary who quickly put the kettle on and walked myself and Denis around the fishery giving insights and brief outline of both lakes and features. After a few discussions with Denis we decided on Glory specimen lake and picked our pegs. Soon after the rest of the lads arrived and we were all set up and fishing.


With plenty of line bites and fish showing in a few margin swims we all fancied a bite or two but the fishing proved hard on this trip . But it was not without its rewards and some lessons learned , as well as a fish banked from the team . The rewards were spending quality time in such idyllic souroundings , plenty of quiet time , reflecting , tweaking rigs and watching the water , discussing tactics and putting the world to rights , and of course there was the team banter which is a given on Beechwood Baits socials.

While fishing I kept noticing carp crashing in almost the same spot on hope lake and to my detriment I ignored this for the first day . On the second day  again the same spot fish crashing and this was too much of a temptation so I decided to put a straight led out on hope lake where the fish had been crashing. Opting for the light approach and within an hour my rod bend double and fish on . I didn’t manage to land this fish so left the rod on the bank and had a think . I decided on leaving the set up the same because I knew it worked but beefing up the end tackle .By this time Andy Grover and Gav Astley had come over and sat on the grass for a chat as I cast out my modified set up . I foolishly said to Andy Grover ” if this rod goes within the next ten minutes yo can have it ” !!!! Arggggg yep you guessed it , the rod bent double and true to my word I let Andy bring in the fish ! You couldn’t write that could you !

So Trigonella had banked a Monarch carp which wasn’t a monster by any standards but we had banked a fish which was very satisfying and a team effort !

The breakfast and evening meals were excellent and great value for money , served with either coffee or tea and a smile .

If you find yourself in the Lincolnshire area and looking to fish a comfortable and well ran fishery, then look no further than Monarch Lakes .

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