ALL THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO BAIT- A french journey by Andy Grover.

It takes 14 hours to journey from the northwest UK to Limoges in southwest central France. Limoges is a city known for its decorated porcelain, much of which is on display at the…………. Wait a minute… Stop all that  …. My journey is for one thing only, Big Carp, so let’s get to it.


I am Andy Grover  and if you click on my name you will find out more about me .I am going to share with you my 7 day fishing trip for big carp at Chateau Moulin , Limoges , France.A warts and all insight that will include everything from rods, reel and line , rigs, alarms, pods,  bait and tactics, so get yourself a coffee , pick a quiet spot , and enjoy the journey.

Plan and Prep

I am currently working a new bait and this trip is a huge step forward in the developing  stage so my tackle prep for this trip is geared around the new bait and being able to present this bait successfully. With that said , I have worked closely with Gav Astley to ensure I leave nothing to chance and have the quantity and variety I need to face into any challenges I may have over in France.  My bait consisted of 20 kilo of new bait under development in 20mm and 12mm dumbbells, 20 kilo of aurora Florentine and a few kilo of Musselberry red. Particles were  simply hemp and 3mm pellets.With many trips over to France under my belt getting tackle together is second nature so with my gear packed and ready to load i turned my focus to food and drink.  At Chateau Moulin we are self-sufficient for the week so supplies to keep healthy and hydrated are paramount. My good friend and fishing companion for many years and many trips Mick helped with this and he is a great cooking so the help was very much appreciated.Mich has recently started to come out on socials with the Beechwood team and is one of the nicest guys you can meet with a passion for fishing so it is a pleasure to share the bank with the big man!

Friday 20th October 2017  3.40am and we head down to the channel tunnel to catch our transport over to France , a journey I have done many times and it really helps when you have company to share driving and also the standard “fishing banter” . 14 hours later we land at the beautiful Chateau Moulin where we choose pegs and start setting up . It’s really important not to rush this part of the trip because comfort , bivvy position , pod position and general peg set up has to be correct and allow for any eventuality especially if I am pegged for 1 weeks fishing . I chose swim  “Pom de Pin” roughly translated means pine cones so no prizes for guessing i am among trees.The lake is stunningly beautiful and I have spent hours simply watching this water and never take for granted such a majestic looking water. It really is a sight to behold when you are sat on the bank looking out over this lake. Stunning and I hope you agree.



Set up 

My rods are Harrison Acurix  3lb test curve 12ft rods  as I tend not to fish long range , its just my preference generally.

Reels are Fox EOS 12000fs  bait runners  loaded with 15lb Asso line.

ECU bite alarms and fox short  bobbins. I also tend to set my bobbins close to the blank , again just personal preference. I also color code my alarms to my bobbins and it’s just something I do but not essential.

Wireless Night light with a sensor I use under my pod which really helps me when I get a run and is also another indicator that something is moving on or around my pod. £8.99 on average as a price point and I would recommend using one.


Ok so my bivvy is up , peg ready for the week , pod and rods set up ready to fish I will show you exactly what rig I will be using for the new test bait and how I tie it in this short video below .Apologiesfor the sound quality as it was heavily raining during the video.

My french Carp rig for Chateau Moulin 

As you can see this rig is very much a “keep it simple” set up but strong enough to do the job and bank these big French carp. If there is anything else you would ;like to know or you are confused in any way then please hit me up online and I will be happy to help.

Ok now I am ready to fish and the next installment of my journey will be around my feed approach , tactics for my swim , target areas and watercraft.

Thanks for reading my story so far and I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my journey. Keep a look out on our Beechwood Baits social media for part 2 of my fishing adventures in France.


Tight lines

Andy Grover


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