The “Makins” of a great weekend

With 18 well stocked and carefully managed lakes on this scenic site, Makins are confident they can supply every angler visiting with a day’s fishing they will never forget.  Whether you are specimen carp angler looking to smash a personal best, a match angler looking for a bumper haul, or a pleasure rod who merely enjoys a relaxed days fishing.


So first thing was to get some preparation and bait sorted. Off I popped to Warrington Angling Centre knowing which fisheries pellets to use I grabbed a few bags of 6 and 8mm pellets for on the band and some rig essentials to cover deep,margin and shalla pole work

A two-hour drive down the M6 and after setting up base camp for the 4 days we were ready to fish,on advice from the bailiff we chose lake four to fish from 5-15pm to about 8pm.

A very strong head wind made it hard to fire out pellets for the waggler to start with but the fish were turning on them so starting just off the island 2ft deep and a 14g guru waggler firing in 2/3 pellets every cast and casting about every 30 seconds we started catching but the way we gradually fed over the next couple of hours,  brought the fish to a distance of about 20m away from us and down to using just a 4g splasher waggler which was making a great plopping noise as it hit the water, this was attracting the carp

The hook that I tied had the pellet hard up against the hook.

It wasn’t long before we were into the carp

we were off to a flyer with a great 3 hours of waggler fishing catching 23 carp between us

Sunday morning and after a short walk we set up on lake 5 ,my peg had open water on the right of me ,the corner of an island in front of me and great looking margins either side of me.

Carp,skimmers and bream were the order of the day fishing 8mm pellets and monster lobster paste , feeding trigonella micros every put in , constantly feeding my 4 swims throughout the day.

Not having much luck on the rods apart from a few skimmers it was the pole that provided all the carp, fishing hard pellets and paste and swapping swims every time I caught or lost a carp.

The 35 carp I caught were of a great stamp not dropping below 5lb and rising up to 14lb 9oz loosing quite a few aswell. Sometimes even Daiwa black hydro just wasn’t able to hold them once they made a dash for the deep open water.
This one below being my biggest on the trip 14lb 9oz all these fish again were caught using fisheries hook pellets or monster lobster paste feeding Trigonella micros from Beechwood baits


The Monday seen us try the specimen lake out but with not much happening after  few hours so we had some dinner and moved to lake 2b for an action packed afternoon of catching hard fighting carp and bream that thought they could fly.


Paste and pellet rigs were 3ft deep 8m under a tree to my left and up against a pallet on the right seen me have a slow start for an hour or so then it went crazy. Incredibly I hooked and lost 9 carp on the trot taking me out into the middle of the lake using 13m of pole and elastic stretching out almost to its limit, a few changes in position on my box a bigger hook and I was ready to start getting a few of these crazy carp onto the bank.

The carp were coming in fast now.

A bit of clock watching hoping the time would go slow and the carp would carry on feeding . Ian  2 pegs down from me was doing great aswell, we were both catching carp regular with the best I had being 13lb 9oz backed up with 12lb and 11lbers with plenty of doubles too. Ian knocking up one just under 13lb.

Another brilliant day of fishing catching big hard fighting carp on the pole,once we worked out what they wanted and were they were it was a great afternoon even though we both lost a lot of fish, another visit will see me tinker a bit with rigs and elastic  to try to lose less ( hopefully )

My first visit and definitely not my last £12 per night to camp with electric and £7-50 to fish,throw in that a tackle shop,clean toilets,shower block,a great café and some new luxury lodges and it makes for near perfect fishing.

A guided tour round the complex by the bailiff in his 4×4 gave me a great insight and wanting more from the complex.

With over 600 swims to choose from, they can cater for both pleasure and match anglers alike.If one water is booked up for a scheduled event, they know for a fact that they can put a pleasure angler on to a water where they will have an equally enjoyable day.



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