Afternoon delight after the frost bite!

Milton Green is a beautiful course fishery with four pools set in 6 and half acres with very well stocked pools  which is 6 miles down the A41 from Chester .

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A frosty morning greeted myself, Dave, Michael, Dave H and Callum, not a ripple on the water or more worrying no fish moving about, so we spread ourselves out around the lake but kept within ear shot for the usual banter.

Dave C had a great start with a chunky mirror caught down the channel on corn.

Else were round the lake it was a slow start for us all apart from Dave H who was picking off some feisty F1’s and fat looking mirror carp as well as loosing a few that just didn’t stop running.

Me I was having a none productive morning, several baits and methods tried on the feeder and the pellet waggler brought me no fish not even a bite, after speaking to Nigel the owner he said the frost we have had won’t be helping but it will pick up in the afternoon as the day warms up, just keep putting the feed in and the fish will come he said.

First person to get into the afternoon fish was Michael, fishing to the far side with sweetcorn  and feeding trigonella flavored pellets , these we hard fighting fish and gave a great battle on the pole.

1-30 and I was still struggling for a fish but the wind had picked up and the sun was out, changing over to pellets in my feeder and corn on the hook and fishing into open water were the wind was causing a ripple on the water and my first fish ripped my tip right round it was a beauty.

me and carp bigger

Fishing to some pop ups on a small puddle chucker float 3ft deep were I had fed 1 pint of hemp brought me quite a few crucians of a decent size.

Swapping over quite regular from my 24g  guru feeder to float brought me a steady flow of fish for the rest of the day into the early evening.

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Plenty of bait tried today which usually on another venue and day brought the fish, today it was quite evident the frost had slowed down the fish feeding in the morning, as the day went on the fish came on the feed and they seemed to fancy the flavor the trigonella micros and sweetcorn.

Yes I was worried a bit after a few hours catching no fish but neither was anyone else to any note, so I made a few changes stayed focused and it paid off
until next time Its been a pleasure Brian.
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