It’s Sunday, and we go fishing!

After a week of really awful weather and the aftermath of storm Doris we was wondering was it going to be worth it ……. A brief chat to the lads and our minds were made up “it’s Sunday and we go fishing” was the answer, so off to Lloyds Meadow to fish Kingfisher which was a new venue to a couple of the lads and six months since I dangled a line here.  Winds up-to 47 mph and rain on and off made this to say the least a challenge!

overview of the lakes


Lloyds Meadow Fishery has four lakes, Heron is the top lake and it provides quality fishing (one island), Kingfisher also provides quality fishing and is believed to contain the biggest carp at the fishery (2 islands), Fox is the smallest of the 4 lakes with a central island to fish to and Badger is the biggest lake.

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Pegged out on opposite sides of the two islands we all opted for a rod and pole approach to swap round as the weather dictated.  I went straight in on the method feeder with micro pellets and groundbait with 8mm trigonella pellets on a bait band after a few reports some good carp had been taking bigger pellets.  This allowing me to slowly set my pole up and get some feed in and give it time to settle, this didn’t prove to be very productive so after about an hour I went onto the pole about 8m out were the lake was at its deepest about 6ft, shot bulked to get the hook bait down to the bottom pretty quick and trying to get good presentation in very strong winds.

The fish I caught today came steady once I got a regular feeding pattern going in my open water swim, this consisted of dead red maggots and casters and every half hour a large ball of micros mixed with groundbait.  The only time I changed tactics was when the wind became to strong to use my pole, then I put the feeder out into the deeper water just off the island, the bites were slower but a few fish were caught.

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Stu and Robert were fishing to the left of me using similar methods and the weather was playing a big role how they also presented their bait and chose their swims.

Over on the other side of the lake fishing under the bushes Michael and Callum each bagged a double figure carp to go with some of the silvers they were catching, which on light tackle took some time for them to get them in, these were caught on trigonella hard pellets on a band

Today the fortune favoured the brave and we were lucky enough not to lose any tackle or suffer any damage in the high winds, this is my favourite fishery in the North West and plenty more visits are planned, big thanks to Danny and Sarah the fisheries owners who go out of their way to always make us welcome and to use keepnets for our review.

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Thanks for reading, if you want more information on any of my blogs please use the contact form, tight lines Brian.

Until next time, its been a pleasure!


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