The team take on Sephton Farm Fisheries 

Sephton Farm Fisheries is a well established commercial fishery, situated in beautiful countryside surroundings near Ormskirk and is popular with anglers from the Southport area and the North West of England. Occupying an almost un-disturbed rural farm location on the outskirts of Holmeswood, the fishery is set over 4 acres and houses two lakes, Two Islands Lake and Willow Lake. Both are open all year round for Carp fishing, Coarse & Pleasure fishing and are also available for match bookings.
Berry House Road
L40 1UG
Tel: 01704 893178

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Today as for the previous week for Barry this was about trying some different methods, pegs and baits on a fisheries which was new to us so myself and Stewart chose an island each as a feature which left us a gap of four pegs between us and an aerator right in the middle of the islands, these pegs were  vastly different in depths as we found out when plumbing up and casting the feeder in, leaving the waggler rods as Barry covered this last week


So let’s go back a week first…….Barry’s plan of attack was to target the open water towards the aerator fishing a loaded crystal waggler , fishing at various depths but a steady feeding of maggots and plenty of re-casting this seen him catch plenty of roach,skimmers and a few bonus carp in the upper layers of the water,this kind of fishing is all action none stop to get it right because of your feeding pattern and choosing the right amount of bait to feed so to try it on a winter’s day on new venue was a brave move that paid off


Ok back to today were we was led to believe the weather had warmed up , well it hadn’t the swirling wind that seems to be following me from venue to venue and rain for most of the day made fishing hard for most of the 10 lads who were out fishing today
My plan was a small Preston dura feeder casting towards the aerator also these let me me to change hook lengths when needed and my pole lines were concentrated towards the island,not to close thought because of over hanging branches, bait well I’m starting to phase out the maggots and get back to pellets and corn which is starting to reflect on my tray, today I had 4mm and later on 8mm pellets soaked in trigonlla glug,along with a mixture of corn,maggots,pinkies and casters for the hook,my feed was micros mixed with Old Ghost green ground-bait


The getting of fish in my net  for me wasn’t frantic but lots of bites and the same stamp of fish being caught whether it was on the pole or the feeder changing hook baits when the bites did cool off still hoping though that the next bite could be one of those bigger fish that were showing around the lake,for me its wasnt to be Bream,skimmer’s,perch,roach.hybrids,and some small mirror and common carp were the fish for me today

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Four pegs down  Stu was having to cast quite a bit further out to the side of his island and to deeper water using the same feed as me but on the hook he was using artificial maggots and excelsior pellets as hook bait,this proved a lethal combination on the day catching carp and bream steady all day finishing off with a great net of fish….well done Stu
elsewhere round the lake Ian had bagged himself a 9lb carp and a 2lb perch with some skimmers,but the other lads seemed to be struggling with the odd fish here and there


Already planning my next visit to this venue knowing the pegs as I do know will change my approach  but not my bait

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This is a venue that is under some renovation work improving the pegs and introducing more water , no doubt this will be a stunning water in the summer and a really good venue to fall back on in the winter,this is my second new venue of the season with more to follow until our next trip out its been a pleasure………if you are after any information would like to come out fishing with please message me through the contact form thanks



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