A return to form for me at Gawsworth

Gawsworth Fisheries are situated in between Macclesfield and Congleton and is one of Cheshire’s premier day ticket fisheries, Gawsworth Fisheries is an all round fishery that comprises of five lakes Wall Pool, Wood Pool, Park Pool Coppice Pool and Spring Bank Pool as well as its own private canal, all the waters are extremely well stocked and will accommodate all anglers from the novice to the Specimen Carp Hunter alike.


We chose to fish Wall pool today with possible depths up to 6ft ideal for a fun day again on light tackle targeting the silvers and maybe the odd carp Wall Pool is a two acre lake stocked for leisure fishing, this pool is over 400 years old and was originally a carp pool for Gawsworth Hall, now it is stocked with a good head of Carp including Common Carp, Mirror and Ghost Carp ranging in size up to 15lb, also stocked heavily with Crucian Carp, Tench, Chub, Barbel, Roach Rudd Perch, and Bream. This is a excellent all round water and brilliant fun to fish
A clear sky with very little wind greated us at Wall pool on a pleasant  mild morning  excited at the sight of fish topping around the lake the five of us chose our pegs evenly spreading ourselves round the lake.


My thinking today was two swims, one at 8.5m which was 6ft deep and one at 4m into the reeds on the left hand side which was 4ft deep then a thrid set up which would allow me to adjust my depths to fish shalla and up in the water
Light set ups today again comprising of some maggot float patterns tied to 0.15 Preston reflo for main line and 0.129 hook lengths with size 20 and 18 hooks by Gamakatsu and  the new Aqua elastic  from Drennan which I find is so responsive for silvers and small carp,


Bait……mmmm here was my dilema what to feed Special G  or micros I chose the groundbait a dry mix with little water,sieved out so it was nice and fluffy , four balls of this straight in on my 8m line followed up with 2 big cups of dead red maggots soaked in hemp oil overnight from Beechwoodbaits.com ,then every half hour a golf ball size of groundbait, my margin swim I only fed dead reds all morning  trickling in about  3/4 of a pint until I started fishing over them.Hookbait was a choice of caster,white maggots, dead red maggots and fluro pinkies


So the fishing began on my 8m line on a flat calm lake and the bites were instant taking the combination of a white maggot and a fluro pinkie,only once the float had settled and the hook bait was on the deck skimmers from 2oz upto 1lb seemed the order of the day, every put in feeding a small pot of dead red maggots and casters and it was a bite or a fish every put in,then every so often going in on a shalla line over the top of this feed also worked making for great sport

After staying on this line most of the morning I decided to move onto the margin swim and swap over to Diawa white Hydro elastic I had been feeding and this didnt let me down,some elastic stretching hard fighting chub well 11 in total with a combined weight round about 20lb added to the skimmers/bream which were caught steady all day and a few roach,perch and gudgeon all added up to a great days fishing

The fish seemed to have there fussy heads on today, a combintion of white maggot and fluro pinkie brought the bites instant and fast,single or double maggot red or white,casters and even soft pellets brought fish but the bites were slower , why ? I dont have a clue I tried several times just to proove a point to myself and it was every time I tried it out in my 2 swims…….strange

The five of us all caught very well today with a few carp gettng netted as well, plenty of feed went in because the fish wanted it especialy when the Chub were in your swim,another water that will change come the warmer months when the focus will be all about pellets,carp.wagglers and feeders,but until then we can only hope for more great days like this with the colder weather still here for a while but until then its been a pleasure

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