Midweek at Lloyds Meadow …. Stewart Russling 

So after a few weeks laid up  I decided to get the car loaded up and pop up to Lloyds Meadow after chat with Danny I chose to fish Badger which has been recently stocked with some lovely new mirror carp

Peg chosen not too far from the car park and I set up three lines 16m dobbing about a foot of the island about 12″ in depth, Second was a margin set up to my right hand side 2ft depth ,Third line was top two + two roughly six ft of water this turned out to be my main line used chanti style float strung out shot to a size 18 b9ll bait was two red maggots after the first few newly stocked carp I kept a steady trickle of feed going in a small cad pot of dead reds soaked in Hemp oil and Beechwood baits excelsor micros

After a while gave my saw knee a bit of a stretch put a couple of larger pots of feed and had a walk up to Kingfisher and Heron and to my surprise the one and only MR ooossshh himself ANDY MAY was doing an article on Heron on silver fish had a coffee and chat with him and Danny ( I didn’t give him too many tips )

Returned to my peg carried on as before on my main line did have a dabble at dobbing at 16m which only resulted in half a dozen carp at the end of the day had 119 carp

Just goes to show you how much fun you can have if you lighten up your tackle and get into the smaller fish

A small selection of the pristine carp that have been stocked and to close I would to thank Danny and Sarah for the coffee and sandwich and their hospitality this has to be one of the best fisheries in the North West

Looking forward to getting on the bank soon Stewart Russling

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