My Pellet Preparation – By Brian Coakley

A simple way I add liquids to my pellets which will come in handy with this new range of liquids soon to be released from

coming soon……….

Strawberry – Squid and Octopus – Mulberry Florentine – Scopex – Banana – Chocolate Malt – Cranberry – Blackcurrant – Crayfish – Bloodworm – Monster crabRaspberry – and More!


step 1…Half fill with your chosen pellets, leaving enough room for cold water to be added and room to give them a shake



step 2….add just a teaspoon of liquid from



step 3…fill with cold water then give them a shake ,pump until all the pellets have sunk


step 4….drain off after about 5 minutes and these then are ready to use as hook bait


step 5….perfect pellets ready to use. Then I put them in a sealed plastic bag and leave in the fridge overnight,then they will be ready to use and smelling great








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