2016 Winter Round up – By Brian Coakley

So I thought I’d share a few pictures with you to close the last few sessions of 2016.

Lloyds meadow, Rosemary wood, Cheshire fisheries, Greens Lane and Blakemere all featured for myself and a few of the lads at the end of 2016, along with a variety of species from carp, crucians, roach, perch, tench and bream.  You name it, we caught it!


Temperatures as low as -4ºC and not reaching above 10°C didn’t make for prolific catching during November and December ……. but we gave it a go, and we still had a few!


With conditions changing such as frozen lakes to freezing winds added to that bright sunshine and gin clear water, with water levels at their lowest, tactical preparation was a bit difficult so it was back to light tackle and small baits, along with my first try on the Beechwood Baits Excelsor Winter Match Pack.  Something not currently available, but we are working on bringing out match packs to compliment all the baits in our range.


Cheshire fisheries pool 3, great place for winter carp and the odd Cray fish.


A Saturday trip to Lloyds Meadow, Badger Lake proved to be a step to far for myself and Barry to catch anything else apart from a few roach after we had broke the ice

As you can see it was a tad cold at Lloyds so most of the day was spent chatting and picking the brains of Danny for our future carp adventures


Rosemary wood different day different weather maggots soaked in hemp oil from Beechwood Baits for silvers and it got  smashed by the lads using the pole , not a sniff on the feeder or the waggler for the better stamp of fish on bigger baits .


Gawsworth hall was a new venture and quite a treck  from the car park for the lake we chose.  This is a must when the weather warms up.


Our Beechwoodbaits social at Blakemere  saw me have a dabble behind some alarms, such a beautiful place with great rewards on offer.


Back to Cheshire fisheries pool 4. Not the best of days but a few fish caught none the less.


Please, feel free to have a scan through my previous blog posts, where you’ll find write ups on loads of my fishng trips, including the ones I’ve briefly rounded up here which I visited through the colder months.

When you have a great bunch of mates like I do (Stu, Ian, Michael,  Callum and Barry) when I go fishing sometimes it’s not about how many or how big the fish are; it’s the banter and friendship, which to be honest I would not have met these lads if it wasn’t for fishing!

So, tight lines for 2017, until then it’s been a pleasure!


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