Hemp Oil for Silvers – By Barry Smith

The water temp has dipped, the wind is bitter, the frost has bitten and the fish have been affected, haven’t they?

1Now I do understand why a lot of anglers slow their feed down during the cold months, and I also understand why a lot of anglers don’t even bother during the winter months, I am often up at “sparrow Fart”, looking out of the window of my bedroom and thinking “Barry you must be bonkers”.  Then the Mrs turns over and actually says “you are bonkers” …. But I carry on regardless (there is a song there somewhere).

Today’s 3 hour session was simply to introduce you to Beechwood Baits Pure Hemp Oil and its potential.  The target species is a well-known lover of hemp seed so I guess using hemp oil is matching the hatch so to speak.

I am talking about Roach.  The species that keep feeding during the coldest of months and live in huge shoals, often in abundance in specimen carp waters.  What baffles me about this particular fact is this …… it is written about so many times over and over again in most fishing magazines, year after year, and yet many anglers overlook the potential sport that is right under their nose on specimen carp waters.  I urge you to try your local specimen carp water for roach and silvers in general; you may be very pleasantly surprised.  And I would guess you may be hooking fish that are not at all hook shy.  I also put it out there that if you have never fished a specimen lake for silvers in the winter but would love to give it a try, maybe not confident of how to go about it, just starting out with your fishing, a little shy, or feel silly asking, please don’t be ….. Contact me and I will share the bank with you and show you a specimen carp lakes potential first hand, from rigs, line, hooks, bait the job lot.

One such venue which is local to me is Rosemary Wood Specimen Lake.


From a personal point of view Beechwood Baits have a fantastic relationship with the owners Phil and Pete Dewhurst who take an active interest in our activities and portfolio, and kindly allow Beechwood Baits to test baits, shoot promotion footage and showcase the potential of the lake which we are very grateful for.  As a result of such a great relationship we have used this venue for a team social and will use it for many more.

Setting the scene:

On the peg the freezing cold bitter wind is in my face left to right slightly which makes it near on impossible to present bait at any distance on the pole so I decide to leave my pole in the car and only take out my top two sections ……. (Another added bonus with Rosemary Wood Fishery is your car is right on your peg)

Using two top 2 sections both with white Hydro set loose, I opt for two wire stem floats that cock immediately allowing me to see bites right away.

The main rig is a KC Carpa Chimp 4X10 with 0.15 reflo to a 0.12 6 inch hook length and the hook is a size 18  B911 Kamasan spade end pattern.  3 dropper shot down the line shirt button style to let the bait sink slow, set at dead depth.  (For the beginners out there or the non-savvy terminal tackle angler please don’t be flustered with all this detail, it is really very simple once you know what you’re using and setting this rig up is very easy).  Again, if you want to have a chat about it, give me a shout, you can find me easily enough on Facebook.

The second rig was identical but set shallow with a little stem cut down and a little bristle cut off ………… how easy is that!


Now comes the reason I am writing this ……. Hemp Oil!  The star of the show.

Hemp oil is super rich in vitamins, minerals, Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and is a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. But it does a lot more than have amazing stats…….. when added to bait such as maggots, pellets or corn it not only sends the oil slick of attraction through the columns of water to the surface, creating a playground for species such as roach and skimmers, it also has the added advantage of letting you know if there is any tow in the lake, because the slick is a giveaway when your bait moves on the lake bed. The flat spots of slick tell you exactly where your bait is.

On this occasion I was using a pint of dead red maggots and remember at the beginning of the blog I eluded to slowing down feeding during winter?  Well I personally don’t and in 3 hours I used just shy of a pint of dead red maggots.

Ok so how much hemp oil do I use …… simple …… 3 lid’s full to every pint is what I have found to be the optimum balance.  And one bottle will last you for many sessions using this ratio.

My feed pattern is again very simple but logical ….. It really is.

I loose feed every single put in, regardless ……. Using 8/10 maggots and then I whip the rig over the top of the loose feed right away.

If I don’t get a bite before the float has settled and the rig is at dead depth, I will leave for around 10 seconds and repeat the process.

If I find bites are coming on the drop I switch to a shallow rig but I constantly keep the feed going in bites or no bites.

On this session it was apparent that my loose fed maggots were being pushed close into my feet because I could see the slick rising up, this gave me two options, to either drop in over where my maggots where eventually settling or loose feed further out to ensure they settled where I wanted them to settle. This demonstrates the added attention to detail hemp oil gives your bait.

To summarise, how could a shoal of roach resist seeing a constant slick of their favourite nibble hitting the water.  And all I have done is added three caps full of Beechwood Baits Pure Hemp Oil to a bait ……… giving me the edge on a hard winters day.

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Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog, and if you fancy a session for roach using Beechwood Baits Hemp Oil, then contact me and we can get fishing on the edge.



3 thoughts on “Hemp Oil for Silvers – By Barry Smith”

  1. Hi Barry, you sound like a man after my own heart – a silver/roach fanatic – and I enjoyed your blog. I have used hemp oil myself, as well as other oils on my maggots. I do tend to fish smaller hook than an 18 in winter but whatever, none of us fishes identical to another, spice of life and all that. Check out therisingantenna.co.uk for my new book and to learn more about me. – Jim Baxter

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