The Very Versatile, Adjusta Plugs – By Gav Astley

As is often the way, our Adjusta Plugs started out as a fairly simple idea.  What we initially wanted to do, was to develop something more accomplished than the humble cork stick, to balance hook baits.  Cork works a treat at balancing baits, no doubt, but we knew we could do better, we knew we could develop something that would give the often talked about ‘edge’.  We knew we could create a super buoyant little plug to insert into baits, jam-packed with attractors and feed triggers, and even add a splash of visual stimulation into the bargain.  Yes you can soak cork in flavours, but there is so much more to attracting carp than simple, and often ineffective flavours.  The Adjusta Plugs were born.

With these highly attractive plugs, we soon learned we could keep fishing our normal hook baits that were catching well, but tweak the attractor profiles ‘on the fly’, keeping wary fish on their toes, or fins as the case maybe!

This is where the name came from, Adjusta Plugs, because these little plugs can not only adjust the buoyancy of your hook bait, but they also adjust its attractor profile, and with their being four options of plug, there is plenty of adjustments to be made, should you wish.

The four options in the range are:

  • Tangz – A really tangy and fruity plug, with a solid pH shift and a nice zing to it.
  • PNBA – The classic Pineapple & n-Butyric Acid combo, again with a strong pH signal
  • Cranpepper – Cranberry & fresh ground black pepper, and black pepper essential oils
  • Stink Fish – A really whiffy fish aroma, with shrimp and pre-digested fishmeals
From left to right – Tangz, Cranpeppers, PNBA’s and Stink Fish

What we didn’t realise all that time ago, was just how many options and adjustments to hook baits these little edges would open up for anglers.

The standard presentation:

The classic Adjusta Plug setup

As anyone who’s read a couple of my blogs will know, my all time favourite hook bait option is a Musselberry Red with a PNBA adjusta plug.  The combo just works so well, and the two profiles combine to make a really very effective bait.  One that’s lighter than the carp is expecting, sits perfectly well on weed or silt yet is still nice and durable.  With the buoyancy being central to the bait, it’s also very adept at ‘wafting’ gently from side to side, as physics struggle to contain the unusual mix and dispersion of density through the bait.  Whats more, drilling a hole through an already awesome bait breaks its seal, and it enables even quicker than normal release of its signals.  Check out this little video showing how to create this presentation.

The ‘Top Hat’ presentation:

The ‘top hat’ presentation

Slight variation on the classic theme here, the ‘top hat’ presentation (named such by Barry the first time he saw it) gives a slightly different angle.  This presentation gives the bait a more pronounced visual ‘sight bobbin’, allows quicker leakage of the plugs attractors and also adjusts the way the presentation sits due to the shift in density distribution.  Essentially, the vast majority of the baits density is at the hook, and the majority of its buoyancy is at the ‘top hat’ section.  This leaves the hook very flat on the deck, and a bait that has a nice visual element to it.

The ‘Flat Snowman’ presentation:

The ‘flat snowman’, again, something very different

This presentation, due to the plugs slight curvature, sees the plug sit very neatly against a hard hook bait or bottom bait, creating what we call a ‘flat snow man’.  This gives maximum water flow around the plug, and maximum potential for visual stimulation, whist creating a bait with a very unusual shape for the carp to deal with once in its mouth.

Stacked presentation:

Stacked like corn, how does a carp deal with this?

Not only are the plugs great when paired up with hook baits, but they are also proving to be very effective as baits on their own, and why wouldn’t they!  This is a presentation I’ve used over in France before, not with pink and white, but with the yellow PNBA’s.  I did this on a really short pop-up section, to create what visually looks like a small stack of buoyant maize, only with a lot more attraction going on!

Zig rigs:

Ideal for Zigs

The one presentation that the plugs were always going to be destined for, is on zigs.  Sure enough if you talk to the guys in Team Beechwood, you’ll hear most of them say they use the plugs on their zig rigs, and they do very well on them.  The shape and high buoyancy makes them ideal for zigs, straight from the pot!

Finally, a presentation that really took my eye recently was Matty’s maggot rig.  Now, before anyone starts flipping out, especially Matty, I think someone should really think of a different name for this.  Honestly, I promise you there is nothing to worry about here on the video link, but to get the full benefit of Matty’s rig, you need to see it wiggle…….

Matty’s inventive maggot rig presentation, trust me, click here to see it wriggle!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Adjusta Plugs, clever little additions to anyones bait box; offering loads of options on adjusting buoyancy, density distribution, bait attractor profiles, hooking properties and all on four very different options.

I keep saying it, but Musselberry Reds combined with a PNBA are awesome hookbaits.  Have a look at my Brie and Quarry blogs, to see for yourself how they’ve proven their worth just as single hookbaits time and again.

Adjusta Plugs, what else can give you so many presentation possibilities?  I never go anywhere without them!




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