Day Ticket Carping – By Mark Mulchrone

Being a carp angler is a challenge in itself, and one could say we are a unique breed.

Having never been attached to clubs and syndicate waters, day ticket venues have always been my targets. Now as any venue, whether its a club, syndicate, or day ticket water, they will all have different challenges, and none will ever be the same as others or you will be hard pushed to find two alike as in any kind of venues.


Targeting a day ticket water will always have its challenges, whether its a busy venue, or a water that holds a good head of big fish, either way the challenge will be there as in any water, but day ticket especially will be constantly pressured as there’s no limit to anglers, day in day out, and as we all know, pressure on waters is never a good thing.

Targeting a day ticket water, especially a new water I’m on, I would never go with a plan as you never no whether its a good or bad one, yes do your homework before hand, but every angler has his own way of doing things, but get a decent idea of what’s what then make up your own mind as time goes on keep an open mind.

I would never decide to hit that water one week then another the next, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Choose your proffered water and target it, learn it every opportunity, get the marker out, sometimes this is not possible as there’s usually plenty of anglers on but when there’s not use that time to get it out there and find spot’s, hole’s’ plateaus’ anything you can find will help. Map out the bottom in your head or even jot it down draw a diagram if possible, figure out the feeding times, mark up the times so you know the best time to feed up’ bait application, or simply rest the swims as there’s no point having lines in the water creating more pressure when there’s simply no need to.

you can schedule your trips on such info, if you have little time to fish, but you know the time you may have will be the right time to turn up.

Obviously again the weather as a factor in all this as it does any venue, but some day ticket waters thrive in conditions where others don’t.

these are all considered facts in your water-craft, water-craft is key on any venue that’s a fact, and the sooner you learn your water the better the chances you will have of mastering it and reaping the rewards.

Most waters are moody, some more than others, that’s fishing and they can switch on and off like a switch, but the more you know of your targeted water will give you the edge over your opponents.


Most day ticket waters don’t hold big carp, yea there’s a few dotted around in the north off England but usually there crammed with smaller fish aimed at the day ticket angler and mostly money orientated to the fishery owner, and are mainly classed as runs waters, but there’s a few waters that are dotted around that hold bigger fish this is where your water-craft, homework and targeting comes into its own as the rewards are far greater on your catch.


Obviously the further down the country you go the better chances you have at catching bigger fish on day ticket venues as there’s far more waters to go at and most likely less pressured as there an abundance of day ticket venues plus warmer climates to the north where fish don’t grow at the rate to the southern carp, but like all of us, travel, time and targeting is very precious so this limits us from doing this, but even if we did have them factors where we could do such thing, sticking to one venue and targeting it, sussing out the water-craft, will only help you in your quest of catching.

Only when I’m happy that I have completed my quest on my target water and satisfied I have fulfilled my target, would I consider moving to the next one to put all these key features into action once again and try and outwit our quarry.


Fishing is fishing, one day there on it, the next there not, that’s just the way it goes. But if you know when it’s the right time or not, and you’ve done your homework and honed your water-craft, it will stand you in good stead.

So the analysis is, stick with it, learn it, spend as much time as possible on it, and you will reap the rewards and feel a sense of satisfaction that you fulfilled your quest.


Mark Mulchrone


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