Chateau Moulin, 3rd November – By Andrew Grover

Most of my carp fishing these days centers around the World Carp Masters in some way shape or form.  My last two trips out have been no different; and whilst it was nice to chill with the lads on the team social at Larford, and fish Chateau Moulin without the weigh scales looking over my shoulder, both trips involved a couple of little twists to my angling I’m refining ahead of next years competition.

I’m currently going against the grain, and going for a very revealing set-up, throwing concealment pretty much out of the window!  My theory is, that concealed tackle, and main line in particular can spook fish more so than tackle that’s not concealed.  If you think about it, if the main line is blatantly obvious, the fish can choose what it does about it, it can choose to bump into it or draw its fins across it, or it can choose to swim around it.  What this avoids is completely startling the fish and spooking it out of the area entirely, possibly along with its mates!

Concealed line?  Errrrr, nope!

So, ensue much amazement and questioning about my bright yellow mainline on the Larford social, and colourful baits!  To go with my highly visual main line, I asked Gav to customise a couple of baits for me (We run a full custom bait service at Beechwood, just give Gav a shout he’ll sort you out with whatever ideas you might want to bring to life!).  So I’ve got my favoured bait the Trigonella in blue, and the Aurora in its normal deep red, though I did ask for a tweak to the flavour profile.  Can’t say too much about this just yet, it’s looking like it may become an option on the Aurora bait range it’s worked out so good.  We’re currently putting it through a bit more testing at the moment, but watch this space!

The highly visual approach really worked for me at Larford, and I was consistently banking the better stamp of fish, so far so good, now to test the theory on a much more challenging water, and onto Chateau Moulin we go…..

Chateau Moulin is a 42-acre lake surrounded by oak and pine forests, located near Limoges in the Limousin region of France.  Established in the 11th century by monks, Chateau Moulin is now a well-established, fully mature lake containing large beds of lilies which help to support a whole host of insect life and naturals that the carp have grown to considerable proportions gorging themselves on.


It’s by no means a push over, and the water needs a bit of cunning to get a result, so a great place to put my non-concealment theory through its paces!

I pitched up in a swim called ‘Pomme De Pin‘, a corner spot which also commands a large area of water, with an inlet stream and lots of pads.  I found a couple of spots, one in particular I really fancied where I hoped to ambush fish moving between two channels in the weed and lilies in light silt.  I rigged up with 12″ lengths of Amnesia Black, with size 4 Mozzie Curves on the sharp end, and my bright yellow main line on ALL three rods.  If your going to do it, do it properly!!

Sunday Dinner at Chateau Moulin!

Not a lot happened on the whole lake for the first two nights, dropping temps and cold rain seemed to have knocked the fish off a little.  Then on the third night I lost one on the blue Trigonella, the first action for anyone on the water, so a real good sign for my bold approach.  Some whackers had started to crash over on my line to the lilies too, encouraging signs indeed.

By Tuesday, things were stating to take a less positive turn; driving cold rain for 16 hours solid and temps dropping to -1°C, the signs of fish became less frequent, a lot less frequent.  Some were showing right over at the inlet, however to fish to them I would have to cast over a massive lilie bed, and very close to some major snags, so I didn’t want to risk it and stuck to my baited spots.

Long hook links, big strong hooks, snowman bait presentation – in this case Trigonella with a PNBA popup

Scoot forward to Friday morning, and I’ve lost two fish to the lilies on the blue Trigonella!  The weather had continued to nail us all week, but had now started to break a little and the sun was doing its very best to sneak through.  Its last chance saloon time now, the lake has done hardly any bites all week, and although I have had three, its fish in the net I really want of course.  Seems my tactics are bringing me the bites, I just need a little luck now and I’ll have my picture with one of these French beauties.

Last night and I’m crossing everything for a fish.  I have seen a couple crashing over my spots, especially over a spot on the ‘ambush point’ where I baited with a kilo of Aurora paste a little earlier in the afternoon.  That may sound like a lot to some, but as you may have gathered, I don’t do things by halves.


And it paid off!  during the last night I drew the net under a really long fish at 39lb 8oz.  It was so long it pretty much filled my 42″ landing net spread, and at first glance I did think it would be much heavier than it turned out to be.  Still, at a nudge under 40lb I wasnt complaining one bit!  It came to my tweaked Aurora on the spot I’d kept topped up with Aurora all week, and capped off with the big hit of Aurora paste on the last night.


So all in all, a very tough weeks fishing, but I’m pleased with my results from this bold tactic try out.  I’d had more action than most of the rest of the lake had even seen, so that’s a positive result in itself.

I’ll continue to refine the tactic over the coming months, maybe it’ll get even bolder!

I’ll keep you posted……….

Tight Lines



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