Cheshire Fisheries, 3rd of November – By Brian Coakley

Cheshire Fishing is situated near the village of Tattenhall, at the foot of the beautiful Peckforton Hills on the Cheshire Plain, with easy access to Chester, Manchester, Merseyside and motorways.

Established for many years as a favourite venue, with regularly stocked trout and coarse lakes that are fed by pure spring water and offer exceptional fishing for anglers of all ages and requirements.


Seven landscaped pools are well-stocked with common, mirror, crucian and ghost carp, roach, bream, tench, golden tench, barbel, rudd, perch, chub and golden orfe.

A slightly new look greeted us today as we arrived, new automatic entrance and exit barriers and a much smaller shop to go with tidy clean path ways to all the pools.  Peg fee of £6 paid, trolley fully loaded and the trip to pool 3 in the rain, wind and still dark conditions.  Over the next few winter months we aim to fish all the course pools here.

The plan for today was catch a few carp and back it up with the silvers (until we was told all the silvers has been taken out of pool 3)

Today I set up with a 30g pellet feeder with a 5″ hook length with a no4 weight on to keep my Trigonella wafter popped up 2″, with 4mm Excelsor pellets for feed, casting across to the other side onto the shelf.

The pole line was simple two 4ft shalla rigs one for pellet one for maggot alternating depths as and when needed, both floats were 4 no 10’s and size 18’s hook.


Plenty of interest for the feeder but only 3 fish were netted, maybe the bomb with a longer hook length and a popped up boilie looking back might have been a better option (photo bombed by the ducks).


The pole line however was frantic, after 2 hours struggling to find the fish I had now moved to 8.5m out loose feeding Excelsor 4mm pellets and krill flavoured maggots four or five of each every 2-3 minutes or so; keeping the feed competitive for my hook bait to compete with the waiting carp below.  I had started out on 10’s elastic but soon changed to 14’s to give me a chance of any munters that might show up, the next few hours despite testing conditions brought a good steady flow of carp loosing a few aswell, dead red maggots being hook bait they wanted (few of the fish below).


Couple of pegs down Callum who had also spent some time working out were the fish were and what they wanted, seemed to go into over drive in the afternoon catching nearly every time he went in, also catching on dead reds but was feeding 6mm Trigonella pellets.


Today was an enjoyable day of catching carp shallow on the pole on a  bitter winters day, and hopefully the next few visit’s to Cheshire Fishing will follow suit!

Until then it’s been a pleasure!


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