Secure Your Rod! – By Barry Smith

Social media is littered with examples of rods being pulled in by fish! The majority of the time it’s down to human error, or maybe a little lack of experience.  None the less you have lost a rod and reel…… and the impact of this happening is not always discussed or considered ….. fish care!  Can you imagine the strain this would put on a fish, or even long-term damage?

My short video (link below) demonstrates that if  you follow three simple steps that I know 100% works, you can vastly eliminate this from happening to you.

Step 1

Secure the butt section of your rod with a suitable butt rest, don’t put it on your knee.  The Guru Reaper butt rest is a fantastic piece of kit that grips the butt section of your rod tight.


Step 2

Use a rod rest that lets your line run freely and will also keep your rod within the rest.  The Preston Rod rest in the video is ideal for bomb and pellet fishing and does exactly what you want it to do.


Step 3

Set your drag so line can be taken from your reel and this will simply put a bend in your rod, allowing the fish to take its first run safely.

The measure of success is simple …. If you are diving for your rod in a blind panic when you get a bite, then your rod set up could be improved.  You don’t need to dive dramatically or panic and lunge for your rod and strike like a mad man if your tackle is set for your quarry.  Simply allow the fish to take the bait,  some line may be taken by the fish and gently lift the rod up, no panic, no flustered actions ….. calm and in control!

Check out my video which shows my set up and footage of a fish taking line, clearly demonstrating how effective this can be for you.

Tight Lines all, and stay on the edge!




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