Going Deep for the Bream at Larford Lakes, 15th October – Barry Smith

Fishing Larford Lakes specimen pool on Saturday 15th October, the second time for me this year. My first go on this water in July this year I targeted their massive head of very big carp with the average size around the 15lb stamp! This water is deep and has a few shelves to contend with which, as you can imagine, the resident carp are aware of.

But this session was going to be an all-out bream attack so my first piece of prep work was to get as much local knowledge as I could, and the more current the better. I started by reading Carl Jenkins write-up of his approach to bream when we fished in July, having been lucky enough to be pegged two pegs away from Carl in July I had a first-hand view of how his swim produced based on his tactics. I also studied his end tackle and bait.


With that information to take into account, I then called Martin Harrell, the head bailiff at Larford who gave me valuable information on pegs, Depths and baits that were working at the time. So, time to put a plan together and decide how I was going to use all this information and hatch a plan to catch these Bream.

My approach was going to be a classic bream approach, a good quality dark groundbait mix, plenty of Bream attraction, hook baits and particles know to work well with bream and most importantly get that hook bait down to the deck fast.

Ground bait mix:

Sonubaits F1 Dark 2kg bag — Sonubaits super crumb 2kg  mixed 50/50

Additives – Brazem oil – liquidised corn x2 tins – 2 pints dead red maggots

Hook bait – worms

My float choice was the Dino long Bream 1g along with a 0.9g Olivette and a few No 8 droppers.


Hook was my trusted “go to hook” Kamasan B911 spade end size 16 to 0.17 mainline -0.13 hook length.

Fishing at 13m to start my session, I lay my pole on the water old school style and balled in 10 jaffa sized very hard balls of groundbait that went straight to the bottom. Leaving my pole line for half an hour I pottered around chatting to the Beechwood crew who were already into fish!


Time for me to fish and with 13 ft. of water at 13m I had a top 2 and 1 set up ready to go.

Worm on the hook and first put in the float dotted right down perfectly after the dropper shot had settled, but not for long as the float buried under slow and deliberate and I struck and missed the bite. I put that down to getting the strike power right given the depth I was fishing. Second put in I didn’t miss and a nice bream was in my net.

During my session, I had to keep the groundbait going in to sustain the bites and keep the fish coming, and although I spend a few hours filming on that day, on my return to the peg and having put a few balls of groundbait back in to ignite the swim again, back came the bream and it was a fish a bung. Scary thought is there was at least 100lb of bream in my peg had I stayed sat down all day, but I was very satisfied with over 65lb, right good chin wag with the bivvy crew across the lake and some great pictures to keep as a great memory of a fantastic days fishing.

There is something very satisfying about bringing all the elements of fishing together to target a species, do the homework and get it right on the day.

Until next time ……it’s been a pleasure!

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