Greens Lane, 6th November – By Brian Coakley

Hard going at Greens Lane today, with near freezing temperatures and a swirling wind that never got settled.  Added to that the water levels down by over 2ft leaving us at best with just over 3ft of water to fish in.  This made fishing up against most features and margin swims pointless, but hey we can’t always have it how we want it!

Fishing with a small pellet feeder and double dead reds this brought a few fish from the open water, but this was a slow process as the ducks also fancied a bit of feeding spooking most fish, it meant we never really got much chance to get a bed of feed down.


Looking around Stu, Michael, Callum and Dave were all catching on various methods and baits, but nothing as consistent as we’d like.  A few fish banked then nothing for while, the most consistent method being shalla for the good roach and rudd.

Choosing not to fish up in the water, I went on 6mm punched bread sprayed with scopex feeding very little micros in with the pole pot.  This brought me a steady amount of carp, crucians, roach and Rudd, nothing over 3lb but good fun all the same.


I suppose being spoilt through the spring and summer made this a below parr day of fishing for me.  Previous visits have proved this to be a cracking venue and we will be back to fish it again in the winter, armed with experiences and things we’ve learnt from this trip.

Until next time it’s been a pleasure!


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