How I tackled Larford Lakes – By Anthony Tolley

I’ve been asked to share the rig and tactics I used on the recent Team Beechwood social at Larford Lakes.  We all employed various tactics over the course of the weekend, and we all caught plenty of fish right from the word go, from all over the lake.  Here I’ll tell you about the way I went about things.

I chose to fish a swim roughly central along the lakes length, and on a slight point.  This gave me access to plenty of water, and also a great vantage point from which to watch the water for showing fish.

img_3746So first up the tactics, knowing little about the lake I decided to go with a tactic I’ve been using a lot lately mainly using a boilie approach.  It’s not a new tactic by any means, but one I think has been neglected lately; the little and often approach.  This tactic requires stamina and patience, with a throwing stick or catapult scattering 15-20 baits in the general area of my rigs every hour.  This gets the fish rooting around for the baits, in this case the mighty Trigonella.  It’s a bait I have total confidence in, and is ideally suited to this baiting strategy as it really gets the fish homed in on the area and searching out the baits.

Now the rig I use is also not new by any means, but one I have total faith in when boilie fishing, the D rig.  If I am fishing on a clean bottom I use fluro, and if there is any debris present I use a soft coated braid where permitted.  Instead of using a rig ring to attach my baits, I use a bait screw.  This allows me to change baits quickly when needed.  Wafters are my bait of choice for this presentation, pink Trigonella on this occasion, custom-made for me by Gav.  (if your interested in custom baits or customizing anything from the Beechwood range, just drop Gav a line, he’s always willing to help out!)

So how did I get on?  Well, not bad as it goes!  Over the course of the weekend I stuck to my approach and steadily built the swim.  I was into fish straight away, and as the session progressed I was getting regular double takes, to the point I couldn’t keep two rods in the water at times.

Final tally was over 40 fish, to over 24lb, and one very happy, and exhausted angler!

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It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait for the next team social.  I know we’ve got a few in the pipe line so keep your eyes peeled for them to see how we get on.  Larfords a cracking venue, nicely laid out, plenty of space in the swims, nice and clean and tidy, with loads of fish to go at, its well worth a look if you havent been before.

Till next time, I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into my approach at Larford Lakes, and check out the video here of me in action with a Larford carp.

Tight lines!



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