Gawsworth Fisheries, 30th October – By Brian Coakley

Gawsworth Fisheries is situated in between Macclesfield and Congleton, and it’s an all round fishery that comprises of five lakes; Wall Pool, Wood Pool, Park Pool, Coppice Pool and Spring Bank Pool.

As well as its own private canal, all the waters are extremely well stocked and will accommodate all anglers from the novice to the Specimen Carp Hunter alike.


We chose to fish Spring bank pool, which is an idyllic water of just over two acres in size and a depth of three-foot in the shallows and ten-foot in the deeper places, this water has now been open for over two years and has started to fish really well.  Spring Bank Pool has two islands as features and a good variety of fish, it has both Mirror Carp and Commons to over 20lb, as well as some good size Bream and Tench.

Spring Bank is a good all year round water that will produce excellent winter sport and some very big summer bags.


Opening at 7am and keen to get fishing, we loaded the gear on our trolleys and made our way to our pegs which was a good five-minute walk from the car park.  The pool was very natural looking and no man-made pegs, choosing a peg with no overhead obstructions and a cast to the islands careful not to disturb the squirrels in the trees with our feeders!

A 20g small pellet feeder and a 4″ hook length with a size 16qm1 hook which balanced my Trigonella 8mm wafter to perfection with a No6 shot 2″ from my hook, this brought a steady flow of decent Bream and a few small carp.



My margin swim was placed under a tree and to my right, and was 5ft deep and a shelf slopping away, this was fed with a spicy meaty groundbait with the intention of fishing meat, soft pellet or dead reds on the hook.  Decent roach, crucians, perch and skimmers were caught fishing over depth and trickling the feed in as the day went on.



A very calm afternoon held up the leaves which had fallen onto the lake, and this was bringing with it plenty of fish topping in and around the fallen leaves so a bit of slapping 8m out firing in 4 mm pellets for the splash fishing 6mm banded on a soft no 10’s elastic this made for good fishing with some quality roach and rudd getting taken on the splash ( some great new floats were used from Mark Davies MD Floats )


Stu, Ian, Michael and Callum were all enjoying the day’s fishing catching plenty of fish on various methods and baits, Stu in particular having a great day on the silvers on two lines one 13m out and 8ft deep the other on a light waggler taking them on the splash, the fish of the day went to Callum on the feeder.

Netting a 11lb carp on a small piece of corn up against the island.


Some good bank side banter on a new water brought some good fish and plenty of thought how to tackle it again when we come back.  I think as mentioned in a previous blog winter is upon us so trying out a new water and for us to catch like we did is great fun, bring on the next weeks venue and hopefully plenty more fish and fun!

Until next time it been a pleasure!



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