Flushing Meadows, 23 October – By Brian Coakley

A bit better than expected today at Flushing Meadows, Acton Bridge, a dark October morning greeted us with freezing rain and windy conditions, which made for a hard first few hours, although once the sun came out so did the fish …..


On the feeder I was catching on worm, tuti-fruity bandums, and Trigonella wafters with my main feed being micros soaked over night in Trigonella Glug.

The bites on the feeder were fast and vicious, even though the carp were small. The majority of the carp were caught on the splash once the pellets had dispersed out of the feeder.


The fish came regular alternating back onto the pole fishing maggot and corn skins catching plenty of roach, skimmers and perch, either slapping 6m out or in 4ft of water on the deck.

My first try of soaking expander pellets in Trigonella Glug worked a treat especially for the skimmers!


Callum, Michael and Ian were all catching at steady pace, Callum in particular doing well slapping 8m down the side under a tree.


Even with the short day there was still plenty of time for the usual banter and bankside chat.  Tricky day for us today which now makes me believe winter fishing is now upon us, over the next few weeks venues and tactics will be crucial for a good days fishing.  Until then, it’s been a pleasure!


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