Arena Lake at Larford Lakes, 15th October 2016 – By Brian Coakley

Set back away from the busy match lakes and a short walk to the River Severn, is the Arena Lake at Larford Lakes.  With platform pegs on one side and grassed bank the other, open water with plenty of features close in if you fancied a day on the pole, I chose a platform peg which was suited for me to give it a go on the waggler and feeder.



Pouring down with rain and windy when we got to our pegs made it difficult to set up and  plan the attack for the day, but ahhhh well can’t always get nice weather so let’s give it a go …….

First rod was set up with a 10g Nick Gilbert waggler and  a 15″ hook length but set line to 20″ and 14’s hook with a band then a free running hybrid feeder 4″ hook length and 14’s hook with quick change for band and bait spike depending on chosen bait.



Clipped up I then put 10 successive casts of my feeder into my swim filled with 2+4mm micros and went back to the lodge to change clothes (I was like a drowned rat) and awaiting us was a nice full English breakfast cooked by Barry which went down a treat!  Packed lunch and drinks made for the lads, quick clean up of the lodge and any unwanted gear packed away in the car and I was ready to fish.



Time now 10am and the weather had completely changed, the sun was out and a breeze was moving the clouds round resulting in bright and dull spells.  This played a major role in my tactics for the day, basically when the sun was uncovered by the clouds I caught on the feeder when the cloud had moved onto the sun it was waggler time.  I did try changing but the bites never came in what was already a shortened day with the need to pack up round about 4 o’clock.




So sticking to a plan of constantly firing in 8 and 11mm Trigonella glugged pellets into my chosen area to fish, straight in after the feeder hit the water or before and after the waggler had hit the water.  Sometimes not getting a chance too if the bite was on the drop or splash, changing hook baits around from meat to pellets as the day went on, this brought a constant flow of carp and a couple of bream throughout the day.




A few pegs down Ian, Barry and Stu were all catching plenty on the pole at various distances out.



Considering this is a popular fishing complex the fish were in great condition and fought like their lives depended on it, my advice would be don’t tackle up too light especially with the stamp of fish we were catching being around the 15lb mark, and reported catches of 28lb carp makes for great fishing.

I could only wonder how good this Arena lake would fish on an early summer morning or a late summers night, with the Lilly beds and reeds in the margins making for great swims to try, but until then, keep an eye out for the upcoming video’s from our Team Beechwood social, and as always it’s been a pleasure!

Team Beechwood social teaser video


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