Beacon View, 2nd October – By Barry Smith

Beacon View with the Beechwood Crew! My first time at Beacon View Fisheries which sits neatly in-between Parbold and Standish and 5 minutes off the M6 Junction 27 near Wigan. A single lake set back from a rural country lane, this fishery looked stunning as I made my way with my mobile tackle shop to the lakeside, following behind Brian Coakley and Stewart Rustling from the team and a friend of the team Dave Cawley. With the mist rising and the odd fish breaking the surface, I looked in awe at this lake and almost felt like it would be spoiling the glass effect the surface had if I cast a line……. But would that stop me? Absolutely not, the moment past and I wanted to get fishing. We could feel the chill and I remember thinking to myself ok winter is on its way. +6 and the coldest morning after the summer so far, but I was still full of anticipation.


With Pegs picked I had opted to leave my pole at home and a simple approach would be my attack. Pellet waggler, Method feeder and Bomb and pellet. My swim was spacious and had a huge tree to my left which hung perfectly over the margin and immediately I fancied a fish or two from that edge in the session. Now my baits for the session could not get any more simple, various size pellets glugged in the amazing Trigonella, and after using this glugging process a few times now with pellets I can only reiterate what a great addition this bait really is to the Beechwood portfolio and I urge you to give this bait a try. The pellets really take on the glug very well and trust me when I tell you this stuff has a powerful aroma, in fact it stinks. Hook choice 16 banded and on waggler and bomb with 15” tails. Method feeder 4” tail.


Having had a few fish mugged off the top early on the going got tough as the sun climbed higher in the sky and the wind gods were all having a day off. And so I switched from float to feeder through the session to keep in touch with the fish. Keeping it simple I caught steady all day and I did eventually drop in under the tree having trickled 6mm Trigonella pellets under the branches all day to have a stunning lump of a carp rip my rod round, and a few bream for good measure. The fishing Gods smiled on me at Beacon View with the majority of my fish being Lumps and a bonus Dog Roach at the death which absolutely made the session really special for me.


Brian Coakleys second visit to Beacon view didn’t disappoint in a way and Brian caught plenty of fish even though not too many over the 5lb barrier. Having chatted with Brian afterwards he says he may have made a slight error of judgement and left his pole at home and opted for the rods only approach. Hindsight is a great thing and I know for sure we don’t always get decisions right all the time , I guess that’s the beauty of fishing. But steady fishing from Brian . Overnight Trigonella glugged 4mm pellets were used as main feed in the hybrid feeder and various hook baits such as chopped worms, corn and trigonella 10mm boilies swapping over hook lengths to suit baits . No reel clip on but using a marker opposite Brian concentrated on an area just to the left which was about 10ft deep. “Not knowing quite what to expect I was pleasantly surprised with the results, a steady morning of carp, bream, crucian carp, tench, roach and the odd perch all taken on the same method but alternating hook baits” Loved it ………. Brian Coakley.


It was a slow morning for Stew Rusling who started the day on the tip with 4mm pellets soaked in Trigonella kindly donated by Brian Coakley. Hookbait was 10mm Trigonella waffter.Stew had a few bream, one lump of a carp then switched to three dead red maggots picking up a few nice Crucian carp and in the afternoon swapped between pellet wag tip and bomb. Stew kept a steady trickle of feed going in the margins which later produced f1s, fantail carp and carp . “I really enjoyed the day, caught some beautiful fish and was thoroughly impressed with Brian , who was pegged next to me predator fishing …. Take a look at the predation in miniature”…… Stewart Rusling.


The Beechwood team were joined on this session by a few friends who follow the team and often come out fishing with us. Callum Cavanagh, Michael Gittins, Ian Adams and Dave Cawley all caught fish and shared the banter which is always great fun. Worth a mention that Dave Cawley did extremely well on pellet waggler, catching some good carp and leaving the venue very happy. Well done Dave.



Beacon View is a quality fishery with stunning views and even more stunning fish and I will be putting this venue in my diary for next summer for sure. It has great silver sport on offer and will fish well during the colder winter months if this is your quarry. Trigonella has been responsible for many big weights of fish from the Beechwood team, from 10lb lumps high up in the water to upper doubles on tough carp venues . The versatility of this bait is beginning to shine through and today was no exception. The mighty Trigonella does it again at beacon View for the Beechwood Crew….. until next time …Its been a pleasure.

Check out some video footage of the day here :

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