Mescar Fisheries, 25th September – By Brian Coakley

Mescar revisited!  This is a water which I have, and will visit frequent throughout the season and seasons to come. It offers so much with the layout of the lake and the types of fishing to be done, so it was back to the trusty rods with the promise of winds up to 20 mph and a scattering of rain and bright sunshine.


For me it was straight in on the feeder but with a change, to try to target the carp I replaced the micro pellets with 4 mm soaked over night Trigonella Pellets with 4″ hook lengths with corn and 8 and 11mm again soaked Trigonella Pellets on the band.  Boom boom boom from the off, the carp loving the offerings to be had.  Fancying a change as the wind picked up I threw out a 4g waggler, in and around my feeder casts as there was plenty of fish surfacing.  Alternating depths from 15″ right down to 4″ following the usual protocol pinging in regular feed, this didn’t seem to be working………even with the master waggler Barry having a go for an hour or so fish were hard to come by.  Time for another change 10mm glugged hard Trigonella boilies on a 15″ hook length using the Guru impact bomb with a few smaller pellets as feed, instant results.



Michael and Callum were on the next pegs to me also getting some success, but on popped up boilies, not one to miss out I got a few pink 10mm Trigonella Popups off them, and this method then brought me carp steadily throughout the afternoon using the impact bomb and the 15″ hook length.


As per usual corn and 4 mm pellets had been going in down the side were I fished a lighter waggler for the last couple of hours, to great success on the 8mm pellets.  A really good practise session for me today as I did not have the Chef and Welsh Wizard to throw ideas round when it got a bit tough, so working things out and trying a different method really paid off also no silver fish today so target fish was maintained …definitely will be adding some various pop up baits to my armoury!  Note to self for next time when using Trigonella baits, keep hold of rod so do you you don’t get it ripped out of your hands whilst firing bait in and then have to fish it back out of the lake with the fish still on lol

Until next time it’s been a pleasure!



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