Mescar Fisheries, 19th September – Guest blog by Stewart Rusling

Decided to fish Mescar Fishery today.  Arrived at 7:44am, to a misty lake, and decided to  start on a 6gr pellet wagg to a 2 foot drop to a qm1 size 14 hook with an 11mm banded pellet pre-soaked in the ever faithful Trigonella Glug.  I started to catapult three or four pellets at a time, and pretty quickly had four carp, one after the other.


Bites slowed, so I changed tactics to the bomb method, casting to the same spot I had been catapulting the pellets out over.  A small 18 gram bomb and a 15inch hook link, with the same strong hook was the set-up, but this time the bait was the new Trigonella Waffters we are still testing, to devastating effect.

Around 1:00pm I was joined by Nathan Vero, just in time to take a pic after having a chat about bait.  I gave him some 10mm Trigonella boilies, and a handful of wafters, which he used to good effect.  I think we have another convert to Beechwood Baits!  We where later joined by Ian Adams for the afternoon session, wehre bites slowed a little, which might of had something to do with the amount of bread people where throwing in…


Nathan and Ian started to catch carp straight away, where to the amusement of them two the bream seemed to have moved into my swim!  Myself and Nathan packed up for 5:00pm, and we left Ian to it.  After speaking to Ian later on he finished with one carp to 9.5lb and a further six between 5lb to 8lb.

Till next time, Its been a pleasure, Stewart.

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