Lloyds Meadow, 11th September – By Guest Blogger Stewart Rusling

Myself and Brian Coakley where of to Lloyds Meadow to fish Heron Lake, which is the top lake at the fishery.  It must be one of the best kept fisheries in the North West, it’s simply stunning! Later on we were joined by Ian Adams to enjoy the sport with us.

Bait for the day, Trigonella Pellet, 10mm Trig Hook baits,and the new Trig Wafters!

Our mission for the day was to try out the new Beechwood Baits 8x10mm banded Trigonella Wafter’s, which Gav is looking at adding to the match range.  We both fished a free running Guru feeder to a 4inch hooklength with a banded size 14 hook. 

Most of my fish were taken on these new banded wafter’s, fished tight to the island.  We both fished margin lines too, used mostly corn or 6mm pellets pre-soaked in Tigonella Glug.  Danny had kindly allowed us to put nets in for the session, which me and Brian did after lunch time had a good morning.  We caught steady till about 1 o’clock, after which we had to work harder for the fish through the afternoon, swapping baits and tactics.  Fish came back on the feed later on in the afternoon, and our margin swims really came alive!  I had a small bramble bush by my peg, so I threw a few blackberry’s with micros in under it.  I put one on a hook, waited, and of it went!  Is this a new flavour for Gav??!!

Must say a big thanks to Danny and Sarah for looking after us as always, and I think the fishing results speak for themselves!


Till next time, Its Been a Pleasure! Stewart Rusling


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