Rosmary Wood, 2nd September, Team Social! – By Brian, Stu and Barry

Beechwood match team 24hr session Rosemary Wood…….Brian, Stu and Barry Rosemary Wood fishery was our choice to debut our new Beechwood baits match team for a bit of cross over angling, night fishing and an all round good laugh with some friends popping along too.
We arrived nice early Friday morning to blustery and overcast conditions, perfect for the plan of attack we had spoken about, Phil and Pete had kindly reserved 8 pegs for us with plenty of room to get the cars and all our gear right next to the pegs.
The Fishery consists of two lakes; Moss Lake which is approximately 5 acres and having 50 pegs and the smaller Island Pool at 3 acres with 41 pegs, these lakes are available for club match bookings and pleasure fishing.
Our main line of attack was as follows; With local knowledge, past sessions and target species being total carp approach we decided on fishing 11mm banded pellet glugged with Trigonella on float, and 10mm Trigonella Boilie on Bomb, feeding 11mm pellets.  Any smaller bait will bring in the mass shoals of skimmers which we wanted to avoid.  Float choice, always weather dependant so we always ensure we have a wide selection ranging from 4g up to 16g as well as long and short floats.  Today’s session was a mixture of 8g 10g 12g and 14g . 15” hooklength with 12/14/16 banded hooks and speed stops.  Pellet waggler; Fishing roughly 30m starting at 3ft deep peppering the float with 2 pellets a ‘pult constantly for the first half hour created enough noise to bring the fish in and start taking pellets.  Once the carp started confidently turning on the pellets we dropped the feed down and let them compete high up in the water which resulted in many times all three of us fighting fish at the same time.  As the session progressed we chopped and changed depths, floats and feed patterns to combat shy fish and wind conditions and ultimately keep in touch with the resident carp, also using the bomb tactics was simply a great way to give the shallow swim a rest while still catching carp.  Simply fishing the same distance we had been feeding the shallow line, we dropped in on 10mm Trigonella Boilie on a 3/4oz free running bomb and let the carp rip the rods round.
We were very grateful today as we were allowed to use keepnets which we weighed in every 2-3 hours, whilst weighing the fish we also had carp care kits to patch up any damaged fish.
Although this is mainly a carp water, there are lots of good silver fishing to be had if you decide to fish the method feeder, swapping round from 24grm pellet feeder with Trigonella soaked 8/11m on banded hook and micros soaked in Trigonella glug to the in line hybrid feeder filled with micros and a 10mm trigonella boilie or a 8mm wafter popped up about 1″,this was a good go to method when the waggler and bomb went quiet, bringing good bream, skimmers and a steady flow of carp (no pictures of silver as we were on a catch and release as not to mix them up with the heavier fish) #Trigonella
As the day drew on it was quite obvious we were all having a great day with Callum, Michael and Roy catching steady and back at base camp Lucas was keeping us all happy feeding us with snacks and drinks and dropping onto our boxes catching when we were needing a break.  Callum on fishing with team beechwood “it’s great to get out with Team Beechwood, they always have time for me and I learn so much, I always seem to progress with my angling”.
Night time approaching the wind had dropped and the clouds had disappeared and the talk had switched to whats for tea from the chippy and were the hell was Gav (some say he was catching up on X-Factor).
After having a fantastic day we decided at about six o’clock to start sorting out the carp rods for the night, Stu was setting two up for himself and two for me.  All rods need to be set up on running leads as per fishery rules and largest hooks size eight and all hooks to be barbless.  First rod a two once running lead to an eight inch hook length tied to a size eight fished a Trigonella boilies on a snowman rig a size 10mm bottom bait topped with a whittled down matching pop up I put a two inch stick mix for added attraction.  Second rod was same size weight and hook this was set on a stiff mono hook link but used a 16mm Musselberry bottom bait which had been soaked in matching glug again whittled down slightly this was done for two reasons; One left larger baits to deter the smaller fish and the Second it’s releases the scent quicker into the water column and to make them less wary as if the smaller fish had been pecking at them these are our thoughts anyway.  After a busy night with some stunning carp the best close to 15lb which gave Stu a few slaps for its troubles, with the trigonella taking most of the fish when Stu managed to get some sleep we told him he woke the rest of the lads up with his snoring.
Our first 24 hour session proved to be a productive and positive one for the already reliable Trigonella range.  Plenty of Carp were caught, Rosemary Wood is a place we will visit time and time again, until next time it’s been a pleasure!

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