Milton Green, 20th July – By Brian Coakley

Today I returned to Milton Green to try out the Trigonella range of 4 and 8mm pellets soaked overnight in Trigonella glug and the very effective (and soon to be available to all) Trigonella 10mm match boilies.

To be honest while contemplating which peg to choose I did say to Roy I think we are going to struggle with the conditions no wind and bright sunshine and that was at 7am. This really was the pattern for the day for most people as it got gradually warmer.

First fish that went into the net was taken off the top using the waggler using the 8mm on the band and firing out loosely nice start to the day carp to about 4lb.


Normal services resumed today after three sessions on the rod which seen me back on the pole fishing three different margin swims, far side to the island and just off some bull rushes about 6 meters to the left of me.

Picking fish off regular from the island swim and constantly feeding cups of micros brought a productive first net of fish alternating hook bait with 8mm pellets and corn.


Every half hour or so a dozen or so of 8mm Trigonella pellets were going in my swim on the left in preparation for a new bait delivery from Gav.

To be totally honest from about 1 o’clock up to about 5 o’clock the four of us struggled in the heat and the fish were just not having it …….but the pork pies from Roy and cold cans of coke off Michael seen us through to the most productive time of the day.


Somebody turned on the lets catch fish switch and it started, the fish moved in on the swims were they had been pre baited. Callum started bagging carp to keep his silvers occupied in his keepnet and Michael was getting them (and loosing them) on Aurora pop ups, further down the lake Roy was getting them out on the feeder and waggler .

My swims got introduced into ‘M….. L……’  paste, new to me from Beechwood Baits and wow did they like it, steadly catching until the end of day on this.  Watch this space for more on this brilliant new range of match baits we’re developing!


Milton Green is a venue were the fish fight hard and swim off like their life depends on it. The lakes have plenty of pegs that favours the brave with the bull rushes and trees , if you have the “well you have to lose some to catch some” attitude you will have a great day especially as the night draws in.

Big thanks to Nigel for the use of keepnets and regular weigh in’s we had a really enjoyable days fishing, and until next time, it’s been a pleasure!


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