Rosemary Wood, 15th July – by Brian Coakley

Well the day finally arrived for myself and Stewart our first visit to and the chance to fish Moss lake, easy enough to find located between Liverpool and Southport. This lake is 5 acres of open water that is open to all kinds of weather which we seemed to experience all in one day with platforms on one side of the lake and grass banks on the other and the great thing about this venue is you can park your car on your peg and only £6 for your day ticket….oosh


We were quite lucky today we had a guide for the day (I know how Robson Green feels now) good friend Barry Smith who is regular on Rosemary Wood had gained us permission to use keep nets with regular weigh in’s and kept us in the loop with baits and best methods on how to approach today.


So on with the fishing peg chosen, wind blowing heavy into our faces 6g, 8g and 10g pellet wagglers were chosen swapping over as the conditions suited as it was a fair chuck to were the fish were, 14’s hook and a band to take 8mm pellets soaked in Trigonella glug (which was prepared the night before), the 8mm pellets were fired in 3 or 4 pellets every 30 seconds were possible covering a decent area and the fish started to show as well as the usual suspects the ducks.

The bomb rod was set up to cast over the area we had been loose feeding the waggler swim again 14’s hook but swapping it round band, bait stop or just bare hook to suit the bait I was using,this was made up of corn, Triggonella 10mm boilies and various size pellets.


The feeder rod was there for a bit of back up really but this proved to be main line of attack for a mixed bag as the day went on getting me 25lb of silver fish to back up the carp that I had, with micros in the feeder this was tailor-made for the fish staying down on the bottom fishing 4mm and 6mm pellets.


On the next peg to me Stu was having a stunning day from the off , over 200lb of carp ranging from 2lb up to 9lb loosing a few minters along the way using similar methods and baits.



Deep water, constant use of the catapult and hard fighting fish made for a tiring but rewarding day, yet again Trigonella proved its worth in tricky conditions myself and Stu caught steady all day and the majority of the fish were enticed to the power of the Trigonella in some form Many thanks to Phil and Pete Dewhurst for the use of the keep nets and we will be back soon so……..

Until next time, its been a pleasure!

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