Mescar Fisheries, 10th July – By Brian Coakley

Our latest trip out saw us travel to but with a difference today, no pole just the rods which where set up to fish feeder, bomb and waggler. The lake we fished was Mescar lake which is a 4.5 acre lake with 62 pegs. It is an open lake with 6 bays, and 1 island, and an average depth of 6ft.


7am and the gates opened and the usual stampede for the early risers to get their favourite pegs, as for us we chose some far pegs right round the other side of the lake with wind in our face and fishing into open water. We did have a bit of local knowledge on how to fish today and it was plenty of feed and have about 3 swims to alternate to. First line of attack was the hybrid feeder with micros and hemp with 10mm Trigonella boilies casting to the deeper part of the water in front of me, while waiting for bites constantly firing in 6mm pellets that had been soaked over night in Trigonella glug, the fish started to come after about 15 minutes decent skimmers, bream and carp. After about 2 hours the fish had moved in and the tail patterns and the fish surfacing for pellets made me switch over to the waggler, casting in on top where the feeder had been cast this brought fish instantly still firing in 10-15 pellets in before and during every cast fishing about 10″ deep with 8mm hard pellets on a band.



Thinking that the natural way to follow this would be the bomb over the top of all this feed, but it didn’t work, so I gave the feeder another half hour then back on the waggler and this became the pattern of the day. Switching between the two and still firing in now 4mm pellets as well as 6mm as not only were you feeding the fish but the armada of ducks were also hungry when they set up camp in your swim, by now the fish were taking boilies, corn and 8mm pellets on the hook.


The wind did move the fish about but in a way they were not out of reach instead of a 35m cast you might have needed to drop it short or go longer which you soon got use to because they seemed to stay were the ripples of the water was, which blew round the lake off the island.


Aswell as constantly feeding my open water swims about 3pm I started to feed down the side of me under the tree, where I was using the same micros with hemp but more of a slop and corn this proved to be very productive and I stayed on this swim for the rest of the day. It seemed the bigger fish were here, using a smaller float i stared catching these until i went home, the difference being here was using the 4mm and 6mm pellets on a band for hook bait.



The stamp of carp was very good from 2lb upto 9.5lb and skimmers and bream upto 3lb. There is much bigger and much more fun to be had at Mescar with the great peg selection on offer.

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Until next time, its been a pleasure!



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