Lloyds Meadow, July 6th – By Brian Coakley

My first visit to Heron this year on Sunday at Lloyds Meadow was the perfect settings for the six of us to have a great days fishing and a lot more banter, most of the build up to Sunday was ‘would Ian be fishing before 10am?’……

As it happens, the answer was only just!


What was a bit of a mystery was the lack of anglers missing out on the great fishing and surroundings as all the lakes are fishing really good, whether it’s carp or quality silvers you are after.


Usual tactics today but the feeder line and bomb not too productive so a lot more shalla slapping was had about 10m out fishing 5″ upto 14″ changing the depth if the bites dried up.  Feeding into sloppy cloud of well soaked micros made for exciting fishing again swapping pellet size on the hook quite regular but they were all soaked in the same Trigonella Gulg overnight.


Later on in the day I began feeding heavy in the margins covering a decent area allowing for the spooking of fish when getting caught which brought plenty of carp on 4mm Trigonella hard pellets and corn alternating.



All of us caught carp steady throughout the day on various methods but shalla seemed to be the most productive when we had the midday lull quality skimmers , roach and perch soon moved in.



This time of year for me 4,6 and 8mm pellets soaked in Trigonella Glug feeding with micros and a tin of corn is working well so I won’t change!


Well worth a visit and there is plenty of well maintained pegs for pole and rod anglers alike.

Till next time, its been a pleasure!




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