Flushing Meadows, 26th June – By Brian Coakley and Stewart Rusling

7am and we are greeted with a smile as the gates were opened.  Flushing Meadows was our choice for our Sunday social, and pool 5 “the canal” was the lake I chose.  I’m always a bit nervous choosing because if it goes wrong guess who’s to blame.  It was a new venture for Michael and Callum but a welcome return for Stewart.  A lovely morning with sun and some cloud covering seemed to entice our fellow anglers as the canal was pretty much full by 8:30am, or they were getting here early because as promised we got our fair share of rain later on as the day progressed.  Today we were very grateful because John (the owner) had agreed if we were sensible and split the day into two we could use our keepnets.  So silvers and 2 carp nets with mats were dipped in preparation.


Bait prep today was micros, 4mm and 6mm pellets soaked in Trigonella Glug over night, paste, corn, 8mm standard pellets, meat and various other pellets if required.

Peg selection was easy, or was it!  Ideally you want to fish 13m hard up against the far bank, in the shallows avoiding the perils of brambles and trees.  To my disappointment I realised there was a tree root under the water preventing me to employ such tactics, which I soon found out two pole rigs later.  Stu on the other hand after a bit of gardening had it nailed on.  So under the tree I went which was in slightly deeper water.


5 big cup fulls of micros went in under the tree covering roughly a 3m area.  Leaving them for a while, I bagged a couple of small carp on the feeder using the 6mm pellets on a micro band with a qm1 size 16 hook buried inside a Preston pellet feeder.  Unable to get too close to the shallow swims across the far bank, I started getting skimmers, Rudd and decent roach as the feed became quite popular for these fish.  In the shallow water Stu was feeding and getting carp regular, and it soon became obvious he was in for a great day.  We both did notice they didn’t want the bigger pellets so it was a day of swapping round 4mm and 6mm hook bait while also feeding often.

These pellets kept the fish in our swims all day which highlights the quality of the Trigonella Glug!

Tactics were swapped round from shalla pole rigs to small feeders but the hook bait they wanted was the soaked pellet.  I had 3 swims all about 13m out either side of the tree, aswell as one as far under the tree as I could get, bites were slower if you went to bigger baits.  Myself and Stewart had a great day with plenty of fish caught and will definitely be heading back to Flushing Meadows.  With its tidy, easy to access pegs and features in every peg and a great variety of fish, it’s a must day out.

Till next time, its been a pleasure!

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