Cheshire Fisheries, March 26th – By Brian Coakley

Certainly was a good Friday to be going fishing, choppy conditions and the sun not really wanting to come out got me thinking today should be a good one.

Started off on a swim 4m out fishing slightly over depth at 5ft in open water, slightly heavier float, which was a Maver JH Series4 Float 4no 10’s to hold up in the wind.  With a  kamasn 911 size 18 hook at the sharp end, I set 2 of these rigs up one for mid-water, maggots seem the order of the day fished over Aurora 2mm feed pellets.

These were lightly soaked so they very sank slowly, it worked a treat as silver fish came all day from this swim with the odd small carp.

looking round the lake after about a two hours it was obvious the tactics for the morning were to target the silver fish and any bonus fish that came along which was quite evident after chatting to Danny from ‘Dannys Angling Blog‘.

So with this in mind, I started up a second swim down the margins to were the shelf slopped away, feeding again the Aurora 2mm pellets a cup full every 10-15 mins covering a decent surface area to draw the fish in.

The feeder line which I swapped round from hybrid to pellet feeder wasn’t really bringing much joy, enough said there to be honest.

About 2 o’clock I still hadn’t put a carp of any note in my net, so it was time to change that.  The sun had come out and was beaming down right in front of me and so the madness began, fishing dead red maggots and a frenzie pot of Aurora feed pellets every put in fish or not the carp started to feed!

The rigs I was using was a DT Floats F1 carbon slim, with the shot bulked to get through and surface pests, size 18 hooks to a 3.7lb bottom and 6lb main line, using 12’s elastic all added up to an entertaining afternoon of margin fishing!

All in all another decent day at Cheshire Fisheries.


Till next time, its been a pleasure!

brian fish Cheshire.jpg


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