Guest Blog With Mat Auld – Swimming with Hips

So, I managed to get my first 48 hour night fishing session on my new water booked in.  Armed with my new custom made krill bait, matching pop ups, matching glug and Partimix, all from Beechwood Baits, antisipation of what might be was super high!

The first day I spent picking my spots, baiting up heavily with 7kg of partimix and 2kg of my bespoke krill boillies on each of my two rods.  Both had stiff hinged rigs, loaded up with my krill pop-ups in white.

One spot was getting hammered by at least 60 ducks (hence why I used so much bait) however, the second rod looked promising.  The first night went by with no joy, so the next morning I put more bait out (about the same amount as the first helping) this time the ducks weren’t bothering me at all, as if something was stopping them diving, I was hoping it was the fish feeding.

Nothing happened all day, then at 7:15pm, my 2nd rod screamed off!  So I hit in to it lightening quick, as I didn’t want the fish kiting around the island and coming off.  Then a 20 minute battle commenced and I knew it was a lump!  But then it just stopped, and it was locked up solid.  I started to walk back and I could see the fish rising up to the top, but on its side and clearly distressed.  I couldn’t work out what was going on, then my mate Tom arrived and he held the rod whilst I put on my waders. I waded around the marginal reed line trying to get another angle to free it up off whatever it was snagged on.  As I got further around the water, Tom spotted line coming off the top of a tree on the island, directly over to the fish!  So straight away we knew it was wrapped up in someone’s snapped line!

I got round as far as I could, but there was nothing else I could do, it was get wet, or watch the fish die.

So Tom held the rod again, whilst I stripped off to my boxers and crocs…..

I got in to the water with my dignity in tatters, a retainer sling in my hand, and swam out to the fish.  I put the sling underneath and cut the lines (actually 2 separate lines had wrapped around my swivel, one to the tree, and one to the lake bed) and swam back, knowing this fish was one of the A team, and in trouble!

We carried it back to the swim, Tom put the waders on and moved the fish back and forth in the retainer sling untill it was keeping itself upright on its own!  That took 45 minutes.  The pair of us were worried a 40+ year old Cheshire fish was about to croak, but thankfully it made a full recovery and I’m pleased to say it was a fish called ‘Hips’, weighed in at 28lb, and we got some great pictures!  This fish weighed 34lb not so long ago, and holds the lake record, but I didn’t mind the weight, I was happy we’d saved it’s life and managed to catch one of the A team!  Thanks to Tom for helping me all the way through, and for the great pictures you took!

An even bigger thank you to Gav, Mark and Holly @ Beechwood Baits headquarters for giving me the tools to do it!!

Get more out of what you put in!

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