Guest blog with Dave Williams- Moss Nook Lakes St Helens 19.07.15

Moss Nook Lakes St Helens 19.07.15
Fished on the match lake, Nook lake today doing a feature using a selection on Pellets and Hemp provided by my Fishing Sponsors Beechwood Baits.
I decided to go for the 4mm and 6mm Excelsor standard carp pellets in Kilo bags, and also a Kilo bag of the prepared standard hemp, my thinking was to use the Excelsor pellets as the hook bait, and to top up the swims with the hemp and standard micro pellets.  

After having a chat with Adam Bowen (from the team) about the place I was rarely looking forward to fishing the venue as I have heard some fantastic stuff about it. I decided to fish peg 3 on the day as it gave me a few options I could play with, an island to my left, open water in front and a natural bay to my right.

Checking out the weather situation for the day it was going to be a hard day in driving rain for the first half of the day, but later on it gave clearing sky, and warmer too, so i decided to star on the pole with the bad weather conditions,at 6m out, I fed in a pot of Hemp with a few micros mixed in and on the hook via a bait band I started off on a 4mm Excelsor pellet, knowing there was a good head of silvers in the lake, it didn’t take long for the bites to start coming and was into a few good Roach and a few smaller Skimmer from the off, onto the hook went another 4mm pellet, the float buried, and I was into a carp which I thought was a train as it took off at big time, playing the carp for around 10 minutes it decided to slip the hook and I was gutted as it was a “Big” carp, shipping out again the float went and into another Carp a common, smaller but great fun on the pole, thinking that the carp had moved in now after feeding more Hemp and micros I changed over to a 6mm pellet thinking bigger bait bigger fish, and yes bigger fish started to come to the net after each put in ranging from 8oz right up to 6lb.

The weather had cleared by midday and I put my nets out from 12-5 just to get some shots for the camera, with the rain clearing and the temp on the up the carp were milling around the island, so out come the Pellet Waggler fishing around 12” deep and using a 6mm pellet on the band. Casting out to the point of the island it was not long before hitting into the carp, on average the carp size had picked up, ranging now from, 4lb to 8lb, commons and Mirror carp, after every cast out to the point, I would fire in 5 or 6 6mm pellets to keep the bites coming.

With the fish feeding very well now it was time to try Shalla on the pole, fishing 12” deep, 12m out and using a 6mm pellet on the hook and firing in a mix of the 4mm and the 6mm pellets to vary the free offerings going in, within seconds of the bait falling through the water the carp were hitting the bait like a rocket, I have never felt bites so savage from carp, fishing this method before. Plenty of carp again falling to this set up with constant feeding a must.
After coming in on the close line again and catching some decent skimmers, it was time to pack up for the day, I felt that using the Excelsor pellet gave me the edge instead of standard pellets on the day, and I would highly recommend them. The bait and the venue were both fantastic on the day, the venue is a class venue where I will be going back to in the very near future, and the bait….its not just about the Big carp at Beechwood baits, its about using the correct baits to do the job you want it to do, pleasure fishing, match fishing, baits for all types for all species too, we want you to get more out of what you put in…
Regards Dave Williams, (Beechwood Baits & Fishing in the Northwest).


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