Team Beechwood Visit Moss Nook

With some of Team Beechwood decending on Moss Nook fishery, St Helens, in the form of Gav, Mark, Lee, Craig and Brad, high pressure and a blazing sun set in a crystal clear blue sky set the scene.  We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy session, and we knew the bites would be few and far between until the sun dipped below the lush tree lined horizon surrounding the fishery.

The fishery is in full summer bloom, and looking at its finest with reed lined margins, trees, flowers and grasses all in their greenest uniforms, and we just couldn’t help but be transported into a tranquil state of mind, looking forward to a relaxing 24 hours on the bank.
The weed has by now also shown itself, but isn’t an issue at all, infact it gives more clues as to what lies beneith the depths.  And depths is the right word, with an undulating lake bed, Moss Nook holds plenty of features to go at, all of which hold carp!

Mark did manage to winkle one out in the heat of the afternoon sun, and lost another, but action was slow as expected.  Carp cruised around the upper layers, intent on nothing but taking in a few rays.  So, we seized the opportunuty and did the only sensible thing, ordered a curry!  Sat around the small table on peg 1, we ate, chewed the fat, and talked eachother into an even more excited state as the day wore on and the temperature dropped a little.  Bite time was coming, we all knew it…..


As the sun slowly set, the carp went down and the action started, although not prelific at first, the fish were getting on the feed and we started to catch a few.  Gav nicked a small common from the back of the sunken island, Craig had a lovely, bright coloured ghosty, and then it went quiet for a while.  The night was very calm and still, until Craig decided to really get amongst them down his left hand margin and had a run of fish, 1, 2, 3, 4, he enjoyed a frantic couple of hours taking some lovely well conditioned fish on The Musselberry popups, fished on chods in a light patch of weed, laced with particles and crushed Aurora bottom baits.


Early morning crept around, almost without a stir, just sliding into being.  All but Craig had slept well through the night, with just the odd fish taken, but now it was Lee’s turn to get into some carpy action!  He’d baited a spot on his far margin the night before, and fished it through out, but nothing much really materialised, until now, when for two hours his rods barely remained still!

Moss Nook is set in rural St Helens, but sitting there behind the rods, you could have actually been sitting anywhere in the deepest countryside.  The fishery in all its bloom and tranquility, and peacefull state, was just a joy to share for everyone.

IMG_1602Moss Nook 27.6.15 006

All the guys caught fish on various Beechwood products, using them in their own forms of rigs and baiting strategies, and all in all it was a cracking 24 hour get together, with some really nice fish to cap it all off perfectly!  It’s a surprisingly intersting place to fish, with plenty of features to find and explore, and opportunity for anglers of all abilities to have a go at something, and slip the net under a carp or two.

Moss Nook 27.6.15 008The option of booking either of the lakes exclusively, as we did, is a massive plus.  If you fancy it, give Neal a call, he’ll be more than hapy to help you out and put you onto a few fish!  Neal and the superb team of dedicated bailifs work wonders with the fishery, it’s really well kept, well run, and a secluded little piece of paradise, situated in the heart of Merseyside.

To Moss Nook 27.6.15 003sum the trip up, give Moss Nook a go!  The fishing is excellent, we took more than a dozen fish between us over the 24hrs!  The surroundings are stunning, and the fish are all in fantastic condition with stunning colours to them, and they fight like freight trains!  Make sure your bank sticks/pods are well secured, because when they go, they go!

Good luck to all embarking on Moss Nook, let us know how you get on!

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Team Beechwood


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